Karrueche Tran Lands Her First Magazine Cover

Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram
Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The ongoing joke regarding Chris Brown’s now semi famous aspiring model ex Karrueche Tran is her rather non-existent modeling resume. As Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Karrueche continue to confuse people with their “love triangle,” Rihanna’s favorite shade to throw Karrueche is her lack of modeling gigs. The quite dysfunctional situation for all three has caused them to get the maximum amount of media exposure, so it’s no surprise that Chris Brown isn’t the only one attempting to capitalize off all of this attention. Karrueche has a fashion line (The Kill) currently in the works, but now it’s been confirmed that she now plans to get a little more serious about beefing up her modeling resume.

Chris Brown’s ex and rumored current boo of several confirmed to her many followers on Instagram and Twitter that she just wrapped up the photo shoot for her very first magazine cover. While the model did not reveal what publication she lended her gorgeous face to, it was confirmed that she was rocking he stylish black dress and hat for Rolling Out Magazine:


karrueche magazine cover
Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram

Karrueche posted this picture on her Instagram account and told her thousands of followers, “today I shot my first magazine cover..Pretty cool!”

Chris Brown’s ex hopes to launch her own fashion empire which will consist of her fashion line, work as a stylist, and many more magazine shoots.

And according to the latest gossip, Karrueche is determined to make something out of all of this media attention. She’s been rubbing elbows with some very well-connected people in the fashion industry and it’s speculated that people will be seeing a lot more of Karrueche outside of the gossip blogs.


    1. She needs to get a life. Chris Brown and Rihanna were just spotted together in public at the Lakers game. Its time for his girl to move on with her life.

  1. And to add to that, she is not marking up her body or taking off her clothes to get attention. I like Rihanna and all but she is a bit over the top with her antics! Im still team #Chriannueche all 3 of them can get together:)

    1. You’re right. Chris keeps running back to her and she doesn’t even have to take her clothes off on Instagram like Rihanna does. Gotta love it. #TeamKae

      1. I am so sick of people saying that only Rihanna takes her clothes off. Karreuche’s avi for her twitter has her without a top on and if you google her name, she is on a damn toilet sucking on a pipe. Geez! Just because she wasn’t famous and didn’t have the paparazzi documenting every guy she dated or clothing she wore doesn’t mean she is innocent. Try looking at the pics she likes on IG and you will see…smh!

        1. Umm Rihanna DOES always get naked on Instagram. No one is lying about that. When you take your clothes off all the time, people will think accordingly about you. Lastly, that picture of Karrueche on the toilet “smoking a crack pipe” was a joke. She was with her friends and they were all joking around and taking pictures. I know people in her circle and she is a very good girl who comes from a GREAT family. She does not smoke crack. You can try to defame her (be careful with that too, did you know people can find out who you are and sue you for comments?) on here all you want, most people agree that she has kept it classy and mature while Rihanna has been acting reckless and trashy. But hey, that what her fans love. It is what it is.

        2. You watch the pics she likes on IG? Umm that’s a bit extreme don’t you think? I get that you’re a Rihanna fan but you don’t know ANY of these people. Don’t take all of this to heart. It really isn’t that serious.

  2. She looks hawt! And for the people that think she’s too short to model, they couldn’t be more wrong. Shorter women usually model in magazines. Karrueche will be fine. She’s a very pretty girl and she’s gotten famous for absolutely nothing. If I were Rih, I’d be mad too. Lmao.

      1. But Rihanna has a water head and gets naked every other day on Instagram. She looks like Frankenstein in drag. Not to mention, she chased Chris and he still played her for the “basic b-tch” you’re hating on right now. Is that why you’re really mad?

      2. WTH does Rihanna have to do with this post? This is about Karrueche who happened to get her FIRST magazine cover. Are you Rihanna fans that pressed about this girl that you have to rush on her posts to say the typical bs about her needing a job and being “basic?” Rihanna is more basic than Karrueche in my opinion. She has all that money, but she’s still MISERABLE! And it shows. Let Karrueche do her. You call her jobless but then when she works, you have a problem with that too. Grow up.

  3. She looks so pretty! Chris is living the damn life. He has all the pretty girls and none of them want to leave. Crazy.

  4. I wonder if she gave them an interview or not. I’m anticipating her to spill all the tea in an interview one day. It’s just a matter of time.

    1. LMAO! I don’t mean to laugh so hard, but your commen is the most hilarious on this entire blog. Its funny, because when some of us saw the pic of Karrueche, it looked like a little old lady going to a funeral. More than likely the magazine will be some small time inconsequential magazine. Nothing Major like Vogue, Essence or GQ. Anyway, liked your comment.

  5. Just a friendly reminder,

    If you attempt to disrespect another reader or commentator, your comment will not be posted. We’re all for a good discussion and everyone won’t agree, but when you tell someone to “shut the h*ll up,” or call them out their names because they don’t like a celebrity you like, it’s a bit childish and we won’t post that. Some sites don’t care, but we do. It’s not a good look for the site and well, we aren’t trying to make people feel like they can’t have different opinions without being attacked. So let’s keep it grown please.


  6. LOL people going way too hard in this comment section. I think you RIhanna stans are taking your anger on the wrong person, just like your idol. Kae is not the problem. Chris is. But the girl looks gorgeous and I do think she does get under Rihanna’s skin because Chris keeps running back to her. Deep down inside, Chris knows what he had with Rihanna is over. Things change when you become an adult and they aren’t teens anymore. That’s why he’s wildin out now.

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