Kanye’s Performance for Hurricane Sandy Concert Gets Left off Benefit Album

Photo Credit: Jason Persse
Photo Credit: Jason Persse

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West has a reputation of being a perfectionist among those he has worked with in the music industry. So when it comes to his performances, it’s also been said that Kanye puts a lot of time, effort, and planning into what he does on the stage. Usually, Kanye gets praised for his live performances, but his recent performance at the benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy was ripped to shreds on the social networks and by those in the media. It’s probably not a stretch to assume that Kanye isn’t at all pleased that his performance was labeled as one of the worst of the night, but he probably made his disappointment even more clear when he slammed the microphone down on stage and angrily walked off after he wrapped up his set. One of the biggest complaints of the rapper’s performance was the kilt he had on, and the kilt it self got more attention than the rapper probably hoped for. Just a couple of hours after taking the stage, the kilt got its own Twitter account.

Many speculate Kanye’s performance could just be another sign that his relationship with reality star Kim Kardashian has taken its toll on his career, but to many, the rapper’s arrogance just got in the way of what could have been a stellar performance. Many were outraged that Kanye decided to take to the stage and rap about his cars and jewelry during a concert to raise funds for many who had lost their homes and mainly everything they had due to the hurricane.

Well it looks like Kanye’s performance was so bad that it’s getting left off the official benefit’s album. Whispers suggest that Kanye has requested for his performance not to be included on the album. According to Billboard, while it’s been confirmed by Kanye’s camp that it was their decision, reports suggest Kanye is feeling so insecure about the performance that he didn’t want it to be included on the album. Apparently, Kanye agrees with most of his critics, and he doesn’t think the performance was a good one either. Frankly put, he’s not happy about it and wants it pretty much forgotten.

This comes just days after it was confirmed that Kanye is struggling to sell tickets to his upcoming shows.

In related news, video of Kanye getting dressed and putting on that legendary kilt just moments before the Hurricane Sandy Benefit concert has hit YouTube. In the video, Kanye says how much he loves the kilt, but hilariously, he felt the need to correct his stylist when she accidentally called it a skirt.

Peep the video below:


  1. Yeezy has really gone bat sh-t crazy. I hope he gets it together eventually. He used to be a great artist. Now he has no substance and it’s deeper than Kim K. I think it’s all a result of him losing his mom.

  2. Smh. I hope he realizes now that he has really fallen off as an artist. His music lately has been nothing but trash. It’s sad that he went from having something to say that people needed to hear to rapping about absolutely nothing at all.

  3. I still can’t over the fact that he wore a damn skirt on stage. I’m all for risky fashion but that was a damn fail.

  4. I wonder when his so called friends are going to sit him down and tell him about himself. I find it sad that he has nobody in his corner to be real with him.

  5. Yeah, the kilt was def a sign that Kanye has lost it. It’s shocking to me no one had the courage to tell him how dumb he looked wearing that thing.

  6. My poor Kanye… Smh 🙁 idk, As a fan, I definitely see a huge difference in the music he’s putting out, but with the feeling that his decline is associated with the loss of his mother, I find it hard to be critical. It’s no doubt that I’m disappointed tho, I just wish he’d get professional help and/or mourn privately. That’s a whole lot of talent going to waste……..

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