Kim Kardashian is Shopping Wedding to Kanye Around to Networks, But No One Wants to Pay

Photo Credit: @kimkardashian Instagram
Photo Credit: @kimkardashian Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still going strong, despite the numerous reports that claim Kanye’s relationship with Kim is hurting his career. Kim has already confirmed to the public at the start of their relationship that she had no desire to have another wedding on television, but as we reported recently, the reality star seems to have changed her mind, as she said it’s certainly a possibility that she will wed Kanye in front of the cameras like she did with estranged husband Kris Humphries. Kim racked in millions for wedding Kris on television, however, the marriage was shortly lived and only lasted for 72 days. Ironically, the divorce proceedings have lasted longer than the actual marriage. As of now, the former couple is still not divorced because they can’t agree to the terms of the engagement ring Kris gave Kim.

Regardless, Kim has made it pretty clear that she is ready to marry Kanye. And according to the latest gossip, Kim has already been shopping around the wedding to networks. Kim hopes that Kanye’s celebrity credentials will bring in even more money than Kris did, but unfortunately, it’s being speculated that it’s just not the case because her quick split from Kris makes her potential marriage to Kanye seem just as fake. Apparently there are still a lot of people that aren’t buying Kim and Kanye’s relationship. And now reports claim even E! Network isn’t interested in a “Kimye” televised wedding.

According to Star Magazine and Celeb*tchy:

Kim Kardashian made a mint off of her first [televised] wedding, but an insider says the reality princess was shocked to discover that no one wants to buy in if she marries Kanye West. Kim still isn’t divorced from Kris Humphries, but she’s been quietly shopping around a potential wedding to Kanye.

Her August 2011 nuptials to Kris in Montecito, CA should have cost $6 to $10 million, experts say, but Kim parlayed her fame to get deep discounts, and the E! network paid $15 million to air that wedding. Then they split after just 72 days.

“That seemed so fake,” a source in the know says. “No one will believe it’s real this time.”

And this time, E! didn’t even make an offer.


  1. After the backlash E! got from the first wedding, I don’t blame them for not being interested in this one. When it’s all said and done, Kim will have been married and divorced at least 6 times.

  2. LOL I think the problem is people really don’t like Kanye like that. It’s no secret that he’s a douche bag after that whole Taylor Swift incident. White folks can’t stand him.

  3. I’m not interested in seeing them get married either. They just aren’t that interesting of a couple and with Kim, I’m still not sure if it’s real. Kim changes “loves” as much as the common woman changes underwear.

  4. Eh, they kind of bore me as a couple. They’re both attention whores but together, they aren’t that interesting. Kanye always sulks in all his pictures and Kim lives for photo ops. They just…don’t do it for me. So I wouldn’t want to watch.

  5. Kim and Ye aren’t the power couple the thought they would be. They definitely aren’t Jay and Bey. I don’t care to see their wedding on TV.

  6. No one wants to risk their network’s rep for a wedding that will only be annulled a couple months after it happens. Kim really made herself look even worse for only lasting 72 days in her last marriage.

  7. I won’t be watching if it does get picked up. They don’t do it for me. Very dull couple that seems to be extremely vein and materialistic. I’m good.

  8. Everything is about money to Kim. You would think she learned from everything that went down with Kris, but she hasn’t. Her one true love is MONEY. Everything else comes second.

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