Kanye West Confuses Fans After He Wears Strange Masks During His Performance

Photo Credit: @virgilabloh Instagram
Photo Credit: @virgilabloh Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Kanye West came into the game with a talent that was instantly recognized. And as making chart-topping music was something that Kanye was most good at doing, his ability to grab people’s attention is another thing he has mastered with ease from his random stage crashing moments to his angry outbursts that are caught on camera. Even after rubbing people the wrong way with his antics, that didn’t disturb his fan base that much as ‘Ye continued to put out and sell albums on a pretty frequent basis. Nowadays though, it’s not Kanye’s music that is getting him the majority of his blog time but rather his relationship with reality TV star Kim Kardashian, a relationship that is said to the kryptonite to his career. It has become clear to many that the days of the College Dropout Kanye are long gone, especially after the reviews that his 12-12-12 performance got and his absence on the Hurricane Sandy relief benefit album. Not letting that stop him, Kanye is still putting on shows despite the rumored troubles that he has had to sell tickets for them. And with a recent one that he put on, Kanye did what he does best, stirred up controversy.

During one of his three shows in Atlantic City’s Revel Resort this past weekend, Kanye appeared on stage rocking two interesting masks, one a diamond studded mask and another that had an abominable snowman look going on. While Kanye’s fashion rarely ever mirrors that of most rappers, his choices for the show had audience members rather puzzled as to what exactly he was trying to pull off.

Here’s Kanye’s diamond studded mask that he wore:

Photo Credit: @TeamKanyeWest Twitter
Photo Credit: @TeamKanyeWest Twitter


And the clip of him performing “Say You Will.” You can hear an audience member’s reaction to ‘Ye’s awkward attire if you listen closely:



  1. He’s trying so hard to be “abstract” but he’s really just wack to me. His lyrics are boring and only consist of materialistic and coonish babble. He wants to be an icon one day, but I don’t see it.

  2. Kanye is best at producing. He’s an awful rapper and his own music has really been garbage lately. So I’m sure he was hoping the mask would impress people since his lyrics don’t.

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