Karrueche Shades Chris Brown and Thinks He’ll Be Caught in His Lies?

Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram
Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown are over, and that should have been pretty clear when the singer broke things off with Karrueche publicly for his “friendship” with Rihanna. However, the break up was followed up with Chris being spotted with Karruche despite the end of their relationship, and at the same time, he was spending time with Rihanna as well. This made Chris look like a player to most, but Chris explained that despite breaking up with Karrueche for a “friendship” with Rihanna, he believed he was in love with both women at the same time. Rihanna didn’t seem to take too well to this and neither did Karrueche, and for a while it seemed like both women were reaching their breaking point with Chris and his lack of a desire to make a decision. His recent outing with Karrueche in Paris also didn’t help the situation either. Despite Rihanna’s shading on Instagram and even declaring herself single recently, it did appear that Chris made his decision as he and Rihanna went to a Lakers game together on Christmas Day.

Karrueche seemed to be mum on Chris and Rihanna’s public appearance together, especially since she might have played herself hours before when she posted a picture of herself in a Chris Brown T-shirt. She eventually deleted the picture and seemed to be just as shocked as everyone else that Chris and Rihanna would be attending the game together.

We’re not sure if Chris is still in communication with Karrueche or not, or if she’s just looking for some attention for her upcoming fashion line, but she took to Twitter the other day to throw some shade. And from the looks of things, the shade was for her ex boyfriend, Chris Brown.

She tweets:


  1. Karma will get Chris if he’s still stringing this girl along, but needs to move on. Any man that is okay with making you look stupid isn’t worth all of this.

  2. Honestly, at this point, it doesn’t even matter if he’s lying or not. She needs to walk away and let Rihanna and Chris be together. If they aren’t meant to be, they won’t last either. He is not the one for Kae. She needs to stop wasting her time.

    1. Actually, Rih is MORE pathetic. She went back to the guy who smashed her face in, in front of the whole world. I just got done watching the interview where she described all the violent things he did to her too. She’s an embarrassment to women everywhere.

      1. Thank you! She writes thug life on all her pictures but she’s the WEAKEST woman and the biggest COWARD in this situation.

  3. Let Rih and Chris have each other. She thinks she has something good but she really doesn’t. There’s no need for her to keep giving this situation her attention.

  4. I really do believe Chris is in constant communication with this girl. Rarely are women that crazy. Usually, the man is saying or doing something to have a woman think there’s hope.

  5. Karrueche is a beautiful woman. Looks and acts way better then…whats her name (oh Rihanna) I hope Karrueche finds someone who can truly make her happy and appreciated.

    Let him go…he’s bad news and so is Rihanna!

  6. He’s not caught in lies ANYMORE. Now she cant be this slow girl didnt he tell the world he wanted to work on his friendship with Chrianna???? Both you fools decided to stay around and let him have the both of you…so how is he lying!

  7. well no one really knows what going on in their so called ” Love Triangle ” but them so REALLY everything else everybody is tweeting, instagraming & so on is IRRELEVANT

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