Royce Reed Slams Evelyn Lozada & Shaunie O’Neal on Twitter

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Royce Reed was at odds with a number of her other cast mates on Basketball Wives, especially Evelyn Lozada. The two walked away from Season 3 of the show still not dealing with each after their fight and looked to have no plans on doing so either. Unlike the on stage make up between Evelyn and Jennifer Williams on last season’s reunion show, there won’t be any on camera reconciling going on between Royce and Ev as Royce let it be known not too long ago that her time on Basketball Wives was over and that she would not be returning for the next season of the show. As her fans were upset to hear about her leaving, not everyone was sad to see her go. In a recent interview that she did, Evelyn Lozada was questioned about why Royce was not coming back to the show. And Evelyn said, after she made it clear that she still does not associate with her, that Royce’s departure was not voluntary and that she was asked to leave because she was too boring to keep around. Apparently Royce caught wind of Ev’s shade and took to her Twitter account to directly ask Evelyn why she has such a hard time keeping her name out of her mouth since Evelyn claimed her to be “so irrevelant” and Royce says that the real reason Evelyn stopped filming with her was because she was scared to. She also called out Shaunie O’Neal and claims she was not behind the idea of Basketball Wives (read from the bottom up):


royce reed and evelyn lozada beef


A fan of both Royce and Evelyn’s tweeted Royce and asked her why her and Ev couldn’t just drop their beef and move on. Royce responded by saying that she was past it all but couldn’t help but to shade Evelyn one good time over her claims of being a changed person:


royce and evelyn beef


  1. Yes Royce. I always believed Evelyn was shocked that Royce stood up to her and that’s why she didn’t want to film with her anymore. Evelyn and Tami are both cowards who pick on weaker chicks.

    1. I agree. She threw that drink on Royce and had no idea that Royce would throw one back. And after that, she didn’t want to be filmed with her anymore. Evelyn is always throwing everything EXCEPT a punch. Can’t stand her.

  2. No one should brag about creating the “idea” behind Basketball Wives. It’s one of the dumbest shows that ever made it to TV.

  3. What is she salty because they kicked her off the show? She should be doing a praise dance! That show was NOT a good look and she needs all the help she can get going up against Dwight Howard over the child custody situation. Let Evelyn’s stupid behind talk, she looks like the biggest fool out of all of them.

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