Kanye Rants About the Grammy Awards & Vows Not to Show Up

Photo Credit: Jason Persse
Photo Credit: Jason Persse

By: Taren Vaughan

Kanye West caught ranting on stage again during a performance? After a year of consistently making headlines for his controversial relationship with Kim Kardashian and all the gossip that steadily surfaced about it, Kanye took it upon himself to shut one rumor in particular down that had been going strong for awhile, confirming it to be true in fact. Right before the break of the New Year, Kanye West made the announcement that Kim was pregnant with his baby during one of his recent shows. Congratulatory tweets rolled in to the couple from family and friends over the news. And so did the gossip, following right behind the news.  Adding to the mass amount of rumors that are already attached to their own relationship, the baby gossip suggested that Kim’s pregnancy was planned and that her and Kanye were pushing for her to become pregnant as a way to spite Kim and Kanye’s exes Reggie Bush and Amber Rose, who have moved on with their lives, both of them on their way to becoming parents themselves and happily engaged to their fiancés. There has even been talk that Kim’s entire pregnancy, all the way up until she gives birth, will be captured on a reality TV show. As Kanye is clearly happy about becoming a father for the first time, he put aside all of his joy for a moment to go on an onstage rant about the Grammys, screaming, literally, that he won’t be making an appearance at all over his track with Jay-Z ‘N*ggas in Paris’ falling short of the ‘Record of the Year’ nomination:

“How many Grammys do we got? 6,7,8, nah motherf*cker 18. 18, 18 Grammys, all in the Black categories though but nonetheless, 18. I love Maroon 5 but you know when I lost ‘Best New Artist’ to Maroon 5… ya nah mean? Or when ‘Watch the Throne’ and ‘Dark Fantasy,’ neither of them got nominated for Album of the Year, ya nah mean? Or when ‘N**gas in Paris’  didn’t get nominated for Record of the Year, ya nah mean? So don’t expect to see me at the Grammys this year, ya nah mean, ya nah mean, ya nah mean!”


Kanye West ranting about getting snubbed is nothing new as he has done it in the past plenty of times before, this time getting dramatic with it during his rap. And even with the nominations that he has for this upcoming Grammys, Kanye says he will be a no-show over the snubs.

Peep Kanye’s rant below:


  1. I don’t think anyone will care if he doesn’t show up to the Grammys. I know I won’t. Oh wait, Kim will care. She lives for red carpet appearances. :-/

  2. This man is such a female sometimes. He’s always wanting respect but he behaves like a buffoon. Makes no sense.

  3. Honestly, I don’t even understand how women find him remotely attractive or tolerable personality wise. Smh.

  4. I’m going to actually miss him of he doesn’t show up. Say what you want about ‘Ye, but he’s very entertaining. IJS.

  5. He’s a straight female! I have more balls than him! He needs to understand that he’s not going to get nominated or win every award. Not everyone in the world like you Kanye, so get over it!

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