Chris Brown’s Lawyer Blames Drake for Altercation,While Drake Finds ‘Chrihanna’ Amusing?

Photo Credit: @f*ckyopictures Instagram
Photo Credit: @f*ckyopictures Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

The Chris Brown Drake Club Brawl was one of the most talked about events of the summer as the singer and rapper were linked to a violent bar fight that quickly escalated, and resulted in numerous parties getting injured. Chris Brown took to his Twitter account to show off the nasty gash that he got on his chin from the brawl. And among the others injured was Chris Brown’s bodyguard, NBA player Tony Parker and four women who claimed to have gotten hurt during the brawl. The ongoing rumor was that Chris Brown and Drake were fighting over an exchange of words about Rihanna, the pop star appearing to side with her ex-boyfriend on the whole ordeal. Many other celebrities and members of the artists’ camp served up their opinion on the fight and some advised both of the artists to put the incident behind them and channel their focus back to their music. Chris Brown took heed to the advice somewhat by putting out a diss track taking shots at Drake over the brawl. Diss tracks and gossip were not the only things that came from the fight as those injured during the fracas took legal action, Tony Parker and Model Romain Julien were among those who filed a lawsuit against the club, Julien filing hers against club, Drake and Chris Brown. In reference to the model’s lawsuit, Chris Brown’s attorney however says the blame should not be placed on Chris:

Chris Brown is blaming his nemesis Drake for the bottle throwing melee at a Manhattan nightclub last June, reports the Daily News’ Dareh Gregorian. Brown’s lawyer filed papers in Manhattan Supreme Court, saying Drake and club WiP should be held responsible for the notorious melee but “Don’t Judge Me” singer Brown and the people “under his control” had nothing to do with it.

Model Romain Julien had sued Brown, Drake and the club over a severed tendon in his hand. In Brown’s filing, he claims that “such injuries and/or damages would have been caused in whole or in part by defendants Aubrey Graham Drake [and] W.I.P. Club.”

Brown added that if turns out people from his “posse” or “entourage” were involved, it wasn’t at his direction.


In related news, the paps over at Hollywood Life caught up with Drake recently, and asked him how he felt about Chris Brown and Rihanna being back together. They say Drake said nothing, but flashed a big smile and laughed as he got into his car with his entourage.

Perhaps he’s laughing because Chris Brown has already allegedly cheated on Rihanna twice since their reunion?


  1. Chile a lot of folks are laughing at Rihanna and shaking their heads too. Baby girl had a damn baseball player who was fine as hell and treated her like a queen and dumped his a-s for Chris Brown. And I’m no Drake fan, but yes, he is an upgrade from Chris Brown. Rihanna stay breaking up with the better dudes for the worst one. Crazy how stupid females can be.

  2. Rihanna should have gotten this bird mentality out of her system like three years ago. She’s almost 25, I can’t believe she’s still chasing after Chris Brown. Crazy.

    1. I don’t think he has any reason to be jealous boo. They are making fools out of themselves and Drake has no problem getting chicks. Famous ones too. He just keeps his stuff on the low.

  3. Chris Brown and Rihanna are one of the most overrated couples ever. As much as Chris cheats, I don’t understand the hype their fans feel for this relationship. I’m with Drake on this. They are funny as hell.

  4. I think him and Karrueche would make a very nice cute couple. I’m sure Drake wouldn’t want to date another one of Chris’ ex’s unless he was sure that she would be DOWN for him.

    He would probably treat her very good….

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