Karrueche Does Her First Interview, Speaks on Chris Brown & Rihanna

Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram
Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown and his alleged love triangle with Karrueche Tran and Rihanna has been a rather confusing one. After publicly calling his relationship off with Karrueche Tran last October, the singer still managed to find a way to spend time with both ladies. Although one minute it did appear that he and Rihanna had gotten back together, he then turns around and spends time with Karrueche. He was even spotted with Karrueche at an event for his fashion line, and even Rihanna took to her Instagram account to make it clear that she wasn’t too thrilled about the former couple’s very public appearance. While it’s been said it was just for business, many found it kind of disrespectful that Karrueche and Chris arrived and left the event in Chris’ car. Pictures on Instagram last night even confirmed that Karrueche did hang out with Chris and his friends last night. And that would explain why Rihanna has been throwing shade all day on her Instagram account.

Despite how confusing all of this has been, Karrueche seems to be making good out of the deal for someone who wasn’t a celebrity prior to all of the drama. So far, she’s landed her first magazine cover, her own fashion line thanks to Chris Brown, a verified Twitter account, and most recently, her first major interview with big time magazine Vibe. She even did a shoot for the publication, as well as dished her feelings on the “saga” that has been going on since Chris “left” her for a “friendship” with Rihanna. Karrueche also talked about her fashion line and how that modeling career of hers is going these days.

On her modeling career:

“I never was an official model. I always tell people I’m not a model but I’ve done modeling. Now I’m signed with a commercial agency, so hopefully that is going to pick up but before I was just doing favors for friends who needed somebody for their lookbook.”


Karrueche also discusses how she met Chris Brown and reveals that the two were friends before they started dating. She even claims she met the R&B star while doing some work as a stylist for someone else. She also explains that Chris Brown actually asked her to head his fashion line for women, “The Kill.” According to Karrueche, Chris asked her to do this recently:

“He hasn’t really given me advice. He completely trusts me with this line. He’s seen my designs and he loves everything so far. He definitely has my back and pushes us forward as well.”


When it comes to all of the negativity on the internet, Karrueche seems to have her own way of handling it:

“A lot of people are like, ‘Don’t go on your Twitter, don’t read the blogs.’ I do read my Twitter a lot and I get a mixture of the positive people who are like, ‘I understand, I’ve been there before, stay strong,’ and then there’s the negative people who are just always negative for no reason.”


When asked if she is currently happy with her love life, Karrueche says:

“I mean at the time, but right now of course not. It’s a lot going on but it could be a lot worse. And that’s how I look at life. I take it for what it is. I move forward, grow from it and at this point, that’s what I’m doing. I’m not gonna sit and dwell and become consumed in that negativity because I could very much be that person, especially when things are so public and so thrown in my face. But like I said, things can be much worse. So I’m good.”


Karrueche reveals that she plans to maintain a friendship with Chris regardless of what happens:

“At the end of the day, he will always be a friend. We’ll always care about each other. We won’t allow that to interfere. Our business is business.”


When asked if she can see herself being with him for the rest of her life:

“I do care about him and I do love him. Family is very important to me, and I’ve always put it in my mind to remember that. For me, I’d love to meet somebody and grow and build a foundation, but I don’t want to even think about marriage right now. I can’t even get a clothing line out. “(laughs)


On whether or not she thinks it will ever get hard to be friends with Chris Brown:

“I don’t know. I’m not sure. I’ve been on a rollercoaster for the past year so who knows?”


If Karrueche could ever have a sit down with Chris and Rihanna at the same time, she admits it would be a very tough conversation to have:

“For everybody, emotionally, that would just be way too much. I’m a very mature person so if the time ever did come where we would need to sit down and talk, I’d do it. I’m a mature person. I can work it out but that would be a lot. (Pause) Yeah, it would be a lot.”


Here’s a sneak peek of Karrueche’s spread for the magazine that she shared on her Instagram account:


karrueche vibe magazine


For the rest of the interview, pick up the February/March 2013 issue.


  1. If she’s this mature n grounded person as you think, why continue to go through the B S with Chris.?ijs

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