Too Much Time Apart Creates Problems in LaLa & Carmelo Anthony’s Marriage

lala and carmelo
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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been speculated for the last few months that Carmelo & LaLa Anthony are having some serious marriage troubles, but things may have hit the fan when Carmelo got had some issues with Kevin Garnett over comments Garnett made about LaLa. According to reports, Garnett was trash talking on the court, but things between Carmelo and Kevin went left when the Boston Celtics player told Anthony that his wife “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.” After attempting to handle Garnet after the game and confront him on the team bus, the incident only made the whispers about the alleged status LaLa and Carmelo’s marriage grow increasingly louder.

The New York Daily News reported yesterday that the couple has been living apart for the last couple of months, and now sources are telling the paper that the cause of LaLa and Carmelo’s now rocky marriage is none other than just too much time apart but they haven’t officially separated. Although those close to the couple claim they doubt things will go as far as a divorce, things have gotten bad enough that LaLa’s been finding her relief in cocktails and living with close friends.

Here’s the report for the New York Daily News:

La La Anthony and her husband of two years, Knicks star forward Carmelo Anthony, are struggling to keep their marriage together — so much so that La La had temporarily moved in with pal Loren Ridinger, creator of Motives Cosmetics, the company funding her new makeup line, Motives by La La. She was camped out at Ridinger’s Miami mansion for the past few months.

“There’s major trouble in paradise. Last week Melo had reservation at SL for a boys’ night out, but canceled last-minute,” a source tells Confidenti@l. “When he called the manager to cancel, La La was yelling in the background and he was screaming, ‘Okay, I get it, shut up!!’ to her while on the phone with the restaurant.”

The source says La La, known in basketball circles as very sweet and generous, returned to New York last week, where she hit Cipriani twice with the same girlfriend, who enjoyed a day drinking with Melo’s other half. “She was drinking too much in the middle of the day and started crying to her friend at one of the lunch occasions,” says our source. “Melo and her are ‘living’ together still, but while here she spent the night in the Gansevoort Park hotel last Thursday.”


The publication also claims the couple’s marriage woes will be a storyline for the next season of LaLa’s reality show, LaLa’s Full Court Life. Those close to the show claim it will basically make up most of the storyline for the third season, but they too doubt a divorce is impending:

“From what everyone on the show knows, they have their disagreements, but they are not divorcing,” says a source close to the couple. “She has been in Miami and the problems seem to be over how much time she is dedicating to getting her makeup line launched, which she is expecting to make millions internationally. It’s a major story line in her show.”


  1. I can see that. It has to be hard to be a business woman who is married to a NBA player who travels a lot. I hope they work out their issues.

    1. That may be the case but he should also not place himself in positions where women seek to sleep with him and he obliges.

  2. Hold on…are they doing all this to create drama for her dry a-s reality show? Come on La, please don’t pull a page out of your tramp a-s friend’s playbook! Those damn Kardashians.

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