Trey Songz Pinned As Reason For ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Success

Photo Credit: @treysongz Instagram
Photo Credit: @treysongz Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Trey Songz said before that he is strictly sticking to making R&B music and had no plans of crossing over into the pop genre. But that doesn’t mean that he is not willing to explore other options in addition to dropping albums. He is now trying his hand at some news things as Trey officially made his debut in the acting world as he is starring in the horror flick Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D that hit theaters this weekend. Those who adore Trey Songz as an artist were excited to see what he could pull off as an actor as many of his fans showed him alot of support by going out to the theaters to see the movie. As Trey’s fans may have been fully supportive of his new endeavors, those behind the making of the film were not completely sold on the idea of adding the singer to the casting line-up at first as Filmmaker John Luessenhop admitted that he and other members of the production staff didn’t know if Trey Songz was what they were looking for, mainly because their knowledge of him was very limited:

“People at Lionsgate were uncertain, saying, ‘We’ve never heard of him. We don’t know who he is,'”

But after the studio’s chief marketing officer Tim Palen googled Trey Songz and saw how many fans that he had on the popular social media networks, their minds were instantly made up and they reached out to Trey to see if he was interested in doing the film and he readily accepted the offer.

Filmmaker John Luessenhop also recalled when he first saw Trey Songz in action during one of his performances at the 2011 BET Awards and how he knew from that performance alone that Trey was someone that he had to find out more about:

“He was lowered from the top of the stage and landed like some immortal,”

“He was a good-looking guy with a good smile, but he also seemed like an accessible person. So I said, ‘I gotta find out who this is.'”

As for Trey Songz, he says that he can not thank Liongate enough for the opportunity that they gave him as his fans really seemed to enjoy it:

“I wanted [Lionsgate] to know that this film was truly a priority for me,” “The fan reaction could not have been better. They loved the clip. They were scared for themselves, they were scared for me, it worked out perfectly.”


  1. Well, I’m not one of these females that fawns over him, but I’m glad to see him get his shine on. I’m mad Lionsgate didn’t know him. LOL.

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