Carmelo Anthony Denies Marriage Woes with LaLa

carmelo and lala separated

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

La La and Carmelo Anthony have had a crazy week in the tabloids. The couple is rumored to be having some issues in their marriage, and depending on which reports you read, some even claim the couple is currently separated. The cause of the rumored marital issues is allegedly a lack of time for each other, as LaLa is very busy with her own cosmetics line and Carmelo has to travel often to compete in the NBA. Potential problems in the couple’s marriage were brought to the forefront when Carmelo got into a confrontation with Kevin Garnett. According to reports, the drama between the two popped off after Kevin told Carmelo that LaLa tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios. LaLa later denied the comment was ever made, but made whispers of marriage problems grow louder when she didn’t deny that her marriage to Carmelo was on the rocks.

LaLa may not be talking, but it appears that Carmelo is. In a recent interview with The Post, the basketball star addresses the rumors and says that he and LaLa are not separated:

“Hell no. Hell no we’re not [living separately]. Just letting you know me and my wife have no problems. We’re good.”


When asked how two busy people such as Carmelo and LaLa can keep their marriage in tact and make enough time for each other, Carmelo answers:

“We have our time, we have our down time. She works, I work, but we have our time. We make it work. Communication is the key.”


We wish these two the best.


  1. I don’t believe him. But it’s best to keep people out of your business. Marriage needs to be protected. I hope they find a happy place.

  2. No marriage is perfect. I think they are having problems but they deserve the privacy to work them out. You can’t spend a whole bunch of time apart and expect things to be smooth.

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