Karrueche Gives Her First Radio Interview, Talks Chris Brown & Rihanna’s Hateful Fans

Photo Credit: 94.5
Photo Credit: 94.5

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche has surely made the most out of being Chris Brown’s former girlfriend. Ever since she has been romantically linked to Chris, she has had several major opportunities to advance in fashion and even her modeling portfolio. Karrueche has already confirmed that she has now been signed to a major modeling agency in New York, and her ex boyfriend Chris has even asked her to head his other clothing line “The Kill.” Karrueche’s been rumored to be involved in some sort of bizarre love triangle with Chris Brown and Rihanna, and as a result, the young woman and Los Angeles native has become a target of online hate from Rihanna’s big fans. Chris hasn’t helped the situation since he still publicly kicks it with Karrueche despite his rumored romantic reconciliation with Rihanna. As a result, things aren’t going so well between him and Rihanna. And most likely as a way to get even, Rihanna has started spending time with her ex boyfriend and professional baseball player Matt Kemp.

Karrueche is usually very mum about the situation, and seems to take it all in good stride despite a couple of tweets here and there. However, she gave her first interview since the breakup with Vibe, and suggested her relationship with Chris Brown is very complicated, but they continue to work together on business affairs. However, the former couple has been pictured in the studio and riding around in Hollywood ever since the interview.

The other day, Karrueche took a trip to Atlanta to celebrate the release of her new line “The Kill.” A party was thrown in the fashion line’s honor at the Vanquish night club. She also stopped by radio station 94.5 and chatted it up a bit. And of course she talked about her relationship status with Chris Brown and what’s to come for the fashion line.

Here are the highlights of the interview.

Karrueche explains that The Kill is not her line, but actually Chris’s line. There’s been a lot of incorrect reporting on the fashion line. For one thing, it is not Karrueche’s line, it’s actually Chris’ line. Secondly, it is not being sued by the Kill Brand (there’s no record or court documents to back up this rumor either), nor is Chris canceling the line because “Rihanna told him to.” He’s going forward with the project because it was his idea and his project. Karrueche is just the creative director of the line. She also says that despite what people are saying, the line consists of just more than beanies and T-shirts:

“Chris has his own men’s line which is Black Pyramid, and he wanted to start a women’s version so he asked me to do it. But that’s what we started off with, a woman’s line but we ended up doing a men’s line as well.

“For every outfit, there’s a man’s and women’s. I design both. I design men and women’s.

“I have shirts, I have beanies, hats…I have a full on cut and sow line of actual clothes. But what happened was in the beginning stages we go a lot of buzz. And made our sample hats and tshirts…so a lot of people reached out and wanted our merchandise. But for us, this is our very beginning stages. Everybody’s like ‘Where’s your line, where’s all your stuff?!’ And I’m just like, ‘I’m sorry! It’s coming, I promise you it’s coming.’ It’s really dope, everybody will love it. Just give us some time.”


On why she’s talking out now and doing interviews:

“I will always keep my relationship and personal life personal. So me being vocal now is because I have a brand and I have a line.

“I stand behind whatever I do 100%.”


Interestingly enough, when asked what is her current relationship status with Chris Brown, she didn’t want to answer:

“I can’t say. I like to keep that personal.”


After she chose not to reveal her relationship status with Chris, she was then asked if she would marry him if he ever asked. Karrueche blushed and said the timing isn’t right:

“The time is not right though. At all. At all.”


Regarding all the hate, Karrueche explains that it’s hard for her not to go off on people. She says:

“It’s hard because sometimes I really want to go there. But I don’t. But I just ignore it. I’m on my Twitter all day honestly. I pretty much read everything.”


She even laughs at some of the comments she gets on her photos and on Twitter:

“You have to. You have to laugh at it. And brush it off. And pay no mind to it.”


For the most part, she does wish she could rweet and post pictures on Instagram without every single thing being scrutinized:

“Regardless of what I say, someone is always going to say something negative and bring negative light to it.

“It sucks because I have to hold back. But whatever, it’s not that big of a deal. I will never allow anyone else to faze me. “


Karrueche claims that her situation is easier to deal with because she knows the truth despite what’s being written on the blogs. And we also find her refusal to confirm her relationship status with Chris very interesting considering she had no problem telling Vibe they weren’t together. Now that she’s still spending time with Chris again, we think this could be her way of protecting the fact that they are back to being more than friends. And that would explain why she was at Chris’ house the other night and spotted around LA with his dog DD.

On her personal Instagram account (Karrueche has two Instagram accounts, one just for friends and the other for the public), she even posted this picture to confirm that she is still spending time with Chris in LA:


chris and kae
Chris and his dog DD.


Well alright. Anyway, we’ll post the complete interview once the radio station releases it.


  1. I love how Kae doesn’t let Rihanna’s evil stans get to her. She remains classy at all times. I find that refreshing considering how messy Rihanna is.

  2. Looks like Chris is still trying to keep this girl around. I hope she makes the most out of this situation tho. I really do.

  3. Kae is laid back and doesn’t wild out like Rihanna does. It’s hard for a man to walk way from women who don’t bring them drama to be with the women who do. Rihanna is gorgeous and famous, but she’s hard to be with. This will go on until either Chris or Rihanna realize the obvious (it’s time to move on).

  4. So basically, she’s back to messing around with Chris. Figured that much when Rihanna was throwing all that shade on IG.

  5. Kae is so cute. I heard the interview and I had no idea she was so shy. She seems like a real sweet girl. I kind of wish she’d move on from Breezy though.

  6. i think there is something abt this girl that Chris likes in a woman that he is not getting in Rihanna. If he realy wanted to give his 100% himself to Rihanna he wld have done that long time ago people hating on this girl is a waste of time even Rihanna if she hates this girl she still has some growing to do the problem is not this girl the problem is the man they are sharing. KUDOS to Chris because he said it loud and clear in that video that he is in love wth 2 people at the same time but I feel like his true feelings for Rihanna after whatt transpired btwn them 3years ago is all in that song (Mirage) there was a time he was realy into her and I guess Rihanna f-cking other guys in the industry kinda put him off who knows this is just an assumption

  7. Hi –

    Karrueche is lying when she expresses that the negative and often truthful things said about her don’t faze her. Yes, she IS fazed…and much bothered by some of the hurtful yet TRUTHFUL comments that she reads and knows about relative to her lack of self-respect and financial dependence on Chris Brown….


    Here’s some truth – no chaser:

    Karrueche needs to seek a real life WITHOUT Chris Brown. As long as she’s in begging posture relative to being emotionally and financially attached to Chris, she’ll NEVER be a free person. No matter how many
    photos she shares, how many interviews she gives…she’ll NEVER have a real life with Chris Brown as her SUPPORT….and EMOTIONAL PACIFIER. Damn, Karrueche, will you ever get some healthy self-esteem and self-respect?


    Interesting photo of the dog with the Kill hat. The Kill line will be dissolved. It will NOT profit.

    Karrueche mentioned, “…everybody will love it.” That’s another lie that’s she’s told…

    1. I’m sorry, but Rihanna doesn’t need any self respect?! Rihanna doesn’t need to move on?! Chris beat the crap out of her, yet she’s on TV crying for him and letting him go back and forth between her and Kae. She is the biggest fool out of everyone! You Rihanna fans are so hypocritical! You call Kae out on the same things you praise Rihanna for! If I was a Rihanna fan I would not be Team Chrihanna. You should want her to do better. Lastly, no, Kae is not fazed. Rihanna is. Karrueche is not the one throwing tantrums on Instagram when Chris kicks it with Rihanna. She never reacts. That means she isn’t fazed. But Rihanna is the one who post shade all day and tantrums when Chris is kicking it with Kae. I just can’t with yall. Ugh.

      1. @Tea –

        You’re wrong. Karrueche is fazed. Those truly in the KNOW know it. And certainly, Karrueche knows it… She’s fronting that she’s not fazed but she can’t hide it from all…nor can she hide it from herself or Chris Brown.


        The media attaches just about every Instagram/Internet posting from Rihanna as some sort of message to Chris Brown… For real, a bunch of her messages could be directed to others.


        Yep! I’m on team Rihanna, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know that she makes some unwise choices. We all do…

        1. You’re just as delusional as Rihanna is. The media ain’t doing a damn thing. She posts that dumb sh-t on Ig every time Chris photographed with Kae? Coincidence? LOL girl you and your fave need to have a stadium of seats. I’m so tired of yall. Yall make all women look stupid. Arguing over a man who is still kicking it with his ex. Why won’t you and Rihanna get some self respect (like you claim Kae needs) and move on already. Not even a punch in the face can wake you people up. Smh.

          1. @Peachy – You sound frustrated and bitter.


            I’m nowhere near delusional. And truth is what I’ve expressed.

            Also, I have more than sufficient self-respect – AND I’m not frustrated…


            You mentioned, “…I’m so tired of yall.” What’s a remedy for your tiredness? You could choose to disengage relative to the matter…and cease to comment on the Internet about it, etc.


            As for me, I’m NOT tired and will continue to comment and engage about the matter as long as I’m so inclined.

            For all of us, it’s about choices…

        2. Sandra, you are pressed as hell. I’ve seen your long winded and stupid comments on several websites now about the same subject, Karrueche. Girl get a life.

          1. It’s interesting that you’re shown as Anonymous….


            And you’re wrong that I’m pressed in the manner that you believe…

            So you’ve read my meaningful and lengthy comments elsewhere?
            Did you also, note on some sites, the numerous likes that I got on what I’ve expressed? Certainly, I don’t post for the likes but because I solidly believe in sharing truths. But the likes do prove that there are some deep folks that agree with what I’ve expressed.

            And of course, some folks disagree. We all experience likes and dislikes. Such is life. If you’re that bothered by what I express, surely, you’ll cease to read… I’m satisfied that those who are inclined will continue to read what I post. Again, such is life…


            And again, you’re wrong, I have a life and a part of it involves my long and truthful postings on the Internet.

        3. Sandra, please! Don’t talk about those in the know, you’re just a stan! I can tell because all of you stans talk the same, type the same comments, and believe the same lies. So much stupidity in all of your comments. And I agree with the other poster, you post on a lot of websites about this topic. You are obsessed and you need to get a life darling.

          If Karrueche really cared what any of you thought, she would have left Chris alone a long time ago! That’s why all of you are really mad. You can’t get rid of her and it kills you and your fave. LOL!!!!

        4. Chile bye, if you were really in the know Sandra you wouldn’t have so much time on your hands writing all these comments on like 30 different blogs about Karrueche. I just googled your little screen name and it’s really scary how much you care. Stalker.

        5. Sandra, you and the rest of the Navy are nothing but brainless followers. You hate a girl you don’t even know for no reason that involves you personally. And as soon as the girl says she is ok and not worried about your hate, you get mad and have to tell yourself that she really does. I guess that makes you feel validated? People like you that cosign online bullying are despicable. All of your comments make you look pathetic.

    2. How ironic that you call Kae out for a lack of self respect when you’re a Rihanna fan. LOL! FOH.

    3. This is one of the dumbest comments I’ve read in a long time. In one breath the person calls out Karrueche for having no self esteem, but never mentions that Rihanna went back to her abuser and stays naked on Instagram. Give me a damn break. #STUPIDITY

    4. Sandra, I’m definitely not as frustrated and bitter as your fave though. Kae still has her boo this week doesn’t she? LMAO!!!!

  8. I think Chris likes both women for different reasons. He has a history with Rihanna, but if he was serious about her he would have cut off the ex. That’s what men do when they love a woman. He didn’t do that, so I don’t think he loves that girl. I think he likes Karrueche because she’s loyal and she’s not famous. He can trust her. He knows she didn’t f-ck the whole rap industry. She’s also laid back, while Rihanna nags. Rih is probably better in bed, but Kae is the most loyal. He’s not going to turn his back on the chick that was there when the world hated him. IJS.

  9. Chris is single. He’s kicking it with both chicks and has been since he broke up with Kae. If he really wanted to be with Rih, he would have cut Karrueche off. Maybe the sex with Rihanna is better or he loves the attention of being with her, but it’s interesting that when the cameras aren’t around, he’s with Kae chilling and pretty damn happy. I say hey, let them all be and sort it out. I don’t think Kae is some needy chick that he feels sorry for. Chris is a grown man who keeps people around because he wants to. You Rihanna stans are making up every reason you can as to why Kae is still around. She’s not poor and her family is known in LA for being well off. Yet, you need to believe the rumors because you’re threatened. LOL. I can tell yall are young and know nothing about men. Here’s a life lesson, men do what they want to do. Period. If he wanted Kae out the picture, he would have kicked her to the curb. And please shut up about him taking care of her, she was fine before he came along. Trust me, she wasn’t homeless or living on the street corner. LOL. If you had a chance to be in her shoes and have some rich famous man buy you cars and clothes, you’d do it. So STFU with that BS about her being needy. She’s enjoying the perks of a man who wants her around. She’ll be fine if he ever moves on. Chrihanna fans are being delusional.

  10. LOL at people trying to make up rumors about this girl all because Chris is the one who wants to play games. They are mad at the wrong person. LOL at these delusional female fans.

  11. I’m sure Rihanna’s slow fans will read this and still walk away believing the same lies they came in here believing. They need to though because they have no lives and are living vicariously through “Chrihanna.” I say kudos to Kae for keeping Rihanna and her fans hot and bothered. I wish the fashion line much success.

  12. I wish people would leave this girl alone. She has done nothing but date a guy most women would kill to date. If he’s still talking to her, Chris is to blame. Females are so damn stupid getting mad at the woman and not the man.

  13. *Scratches head* I’m trying to understand why we’re arguing over who needs self respect on here. In my opinion, both Rih and Kae are birds.I mean, Kae seems like a sweet girl but still. They both look dumb to me. #shrugs

  14. LOL at Sandra, Rihanna’s one pressed fan. Kae keeps on winning. Sad how someone who isn’t even famous has that kind of power over Rihanna and her fans. I love it! #TeamKae

  15. Sandra get a damn life!!!!! You comment on every damn site about Kae! She needs to report you for internet stalking. I know you do the same thing on IG and Twitter too. And stop using those damn # signs, that’s not what they are for you!!!! All this commenting won’t make Chris do right. Ugh!!!!

  16. It’s interesting that this Sandra person never addresses or answers the real questions. I guess it’s easiest to pick and choose what you respond to so you won’t look as pathetic.

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