Consequence Slams Kanye & Confirms Kim Cheated on Reggie With Him

Photo Credit: Power 105.1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Love and Hip Hop is back for another season, and already into its third week; it still appears that most of the drama is still taking place away from the cameras. As we recently reported, Yandy Smith’s baby daddy Mandeecees Harris has been accused of sexually assaulting a 15 year old girl who is also rumored to be the daughter of his other baby mama, Rich Dollaz got arrested recently for skipping out on a court ordered paternity test, and he’s also been exposed several times on Twitter for cheating on Erica and denying that the “engagement” is real. As a result, the couple has taken to Instagram to show everyone that their relationship isn’t fake (but we still aren’t buying it.)

Rapper Consequence and his wife Jen the Pen are also newbies to the show this season, and although we still haven’t seen much from them yet, Consequence is more known from the ongoing beef he’s had with Kanye for the last year. While no one is really sure about why the two had the falling out, Consequence says that while he was signed to G.O.O.D. Music, Kanye abruptly withdrew his involvement in his album. He even claimed that Kanye owed him money.

He claimed last year that they had somewhat squashed the beef, but he ranted about Kanye during his recent interview with power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

In addition to Kanye, he also had a few words for his cast mates Raqi Thunder and Joe Budden.

Apparently, Raqi Thunda has been talking pretty harshly about Consequence in her recent interviews. He got even and dropped a couple of bombs about Raqi and even claims she didn’t get the best deal or salary to appear on the show:

“Raqi Thunder is out here lying. Let’s be clear.

“Shorty, you signed the first draft of your contract. You signed the first draft. You don’t even have representation. We got your money for the whole season as an advance. You better stop playing with me shorty.

“You basic. You own a base model Beamer. You took a base salary.

“You a raccoon out here in these streets. You starving. And passing n*ggas diseases.”


When it comes to Joe Budden, he explains that he doesn’t want to do music with Joe Budden because Joe isn’t A-List. This comment comes right after he was informed by Charlamagne tha God that Joe said he didn’t want to collaborate with Consequence:

“I’m not looking to do a record with Joe Budden. That’s not like on my radar cause it would be of free.

“He don’t want to shake it with me. Like he didn’t even get over that Raekwan smacked him in the head.

“I ain’t even have no problem with him but if you want to shoot your shot, go ahead. Go for it.”


But the most interesting part of the interview would have to be when he started talking about his renewed beef with Kanye West. Although he claims they made up last year through a series of emails, things got bad again between the two when Kanye didn’t send him and his wife a gift or a congratulations when they had their son. Jen the Pen says that really upset them considering it was hard for her to get pregnant and they had been there to support him when he was at his lowest times including his mother’s death and break up with Amber Rose. She even claimed they were there when Kanye was sneaking around and sleeping with Kim while she was in a relationship with Reggie Bush, a claim Amber also made but Kim denies:

“When he was sticking Kim, when Kim was with Reggie, you know whose secret that was? That was our secret. When the rest of the world didn’t know, no one blew up his spot. He [Consequence] had his back when every night when that man called, ‘What do I do about Kim? I need to be with her. I want to be with her.’ That secret was in my home.

“And he couldn’t send a congratulations?”


Consequence even claims he was the one that dropped them off at the hotel to continue their affair:

“I was dropping them off at the telly.”

Consequence claimed he ghost writes for Kanye, but the producer never showed him any appreciation for penning some of his lyrics.

Peep the interview below:


  1. Men can be so emotional these days…and yes, I’ve heard that Kim cheats on pretty much everyone she dates. She was even checking for Robert Griffin III a couple weeks after she went public with Kanye. Tramp.

  2. I believed Amber when she said this. Kim and Khloe were trying to make it seem like Amber was jealous, but why would she be? Kanye treated her like crap. Kim does the dirtiest things but acts like a victim when someone gives her a dose of her own medicine. She’s like a plague we can’t get rid of in this country.

  3. Smh. Kim is so damn trifling. I highly expect her to cheat on Kanye too. She takes after her mom in all areas it seems.

  4. Who da hell is a Consequence? Jen the Pen – that’s the best she could come up with as a moniker? These two need to have several seats. I see that they are trying to get on by kicking Kanye in the back but you look thirsty as hell. I don’t watch the show cause its corny. The best they could get was Joey Buddens and this guy. After ALLLL the Hip Hop artists that could be interesting this is the best Mona Scott could come up with. They need to cancel this show quickly. All a bunch of regular people pretending to be celebrities. You know you suck when Joe Buddens is the star of the show….

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