Karrueche Denies Making Anti Rihanna Shirt

Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram
Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we recently reported, Karrueche recently took a trip to Atlanta to promote Chris Brown’s fashion line, The Kill, the line he recently gave her creative control over. The trip consisted of a club party in celebration of the line’s launch and Karrueche even did her first radio interview ever with Atlanta radio station 94.5. While she claimed she wants to keep her personal life personal, she raised eyebrows when she said she couldn’t answer what the relationship status is between her and Chris Brown. Regardless, a fun business trip to Atlanta turned controversial quickly when a certain t-shirt got mighty popular on Instagram.

Karrueche took pictures with some of her fans and supporters at her party the other night. One fan in particular was sporting the same anti Rihanna shirt we’ve been seeing on the social network sites for the last couple of weeks. The fan took a picture with Karrueche in said shirt, and all hell broke lose once the photo became popular on Instagram and Twitter.

The picture:


karrueche anti rihanna shirt fan


We’re going to be fair and just confirm that a lot of blogs have been inaccurately reporting that the shirt belongs to Chris Brown’s line, The Kill, but it actually doesn’t. We’ve known this because the t-shirt has been a favorite among Karrueche’s supporters for a while now. The shirt has been quietly selling for weeks and it is a product of T-shirt company XIII. Regardless, Karrueche took to her Twitter account to deny that the shirt is her doing (read from the bottom up):


karrueche anti rihanna shirt

Here’s a closer look at the shirt:


Photo Credit: x-i-i-i.com
Photo Credit: x-i-i-i.com


According to the CEO of the XIII T-shirt company, the T-shirt has been selling like hotcakes ever since the controversy.



  1. I can’t believe people thought Kae would make a shirt like that. She doesn’t have the balls to clap back at Rihanna. I wish she did tho. Maybe Rihanna would stop trying her if she clapped back.

  2. Rihanna’s fans were like “Wait til Rih finds out about this! She’s going to drag you!” Umm and who the hell is Rihanna? Outside of the fame, she’s just another silly female wanting a guy who keeps playing her and Kae. No one should be scared of Rihanna and her little internet thugs.

    1. Girl yes, they think Rihanna is God. The praise for that chick is scary. But hey, this is the society we live in. People just can’t enjoy reading blogs, no they have to idolize the people they read about too.

  3. This shirt is lame. I can’t believe people care this much that they are choosing side. Both of these chicks are getting played. Yet, no one seems to mad at Chris. Just Karrueche or Rihanna. Crazy.

    1. Uh Chris is single. Both Rih and Kae know the deal and they are okay with it obviously, so why be mad at Chris?

    2. I don’t know if people are choosing side or if it’s you’re a Rihanna fan or Rihanna hater. Either way, I think people care too much. A shirt like this should not being racking up in sales. LOL.

  4. Hi –

    Rihanna’s recent Instagram photo in the white garment could be a message to Karrueche.

    Karrueche posed with the WHITE T-shirt dissing Rihanna. On the WHITE T-Shirt, Rihanna’s name is written in large WHITE letters.

    And then on Instagram, Rihanna has on WHITE with her back to the camera – with WHITE shirts hanging in the background. And today on Ultimate Rihanna’s site, Rihanna is shown photographed WITH Chris Brown out last night at Greystone. And what did Rihanna wear out WITH Chris Brown last night? A WHITE shirt….


      1. LOL thank you. I’m still shocked people get hype when he’s with Rih one day like he won’t be with Kae shortly after. I am starting to think all of this is for attention or dude really is single. That’s the only way it can be explained.

      2. @Anon

        Hi –

        Obviously, a lot of people care…


        And Yep! Chris did publicly declare that he’s single…

    1. I’m tired of Rihanna playing herself!!!!! I wish she would date Matt Kemp and move on. I’m Rihanna Navy all the way but I’m sick of this. I’m not going to get happy about her spending time with this dude when he still messes with Karrueche. It makes Rih look stupid.

      1. @Navy

        Hi –

        Excellent point…You expressed, “I’m not going to get happy about her spending time with this dude when he still messes with Karrueche.”

    2. She can pose with whoever she wants to. Ain’t nobody scared of Rihanna, especially not Chris. Hence him having groupies in his car last night after leaving the club. Chrihanna fans are funny as hell. How do you want your fave to be with someone who cheats on her? Women have such low self esteem. They don’t want the best for themselves or the celebs they stan for.

      1. He’s not cheating on anyone! He’s single! Stop trying to make him seem like a dog. If he’s committed to no one, he’s not wrong for seeing both.

        1. @Team Breezy –

          Again, you’ve made excellent points.

          Thank you for that truth…single people can’t cheat…

      2. @Michelle –

        Hi –

        Yep! Karrueche sure can pose with whoever she wants to… Obviously, the pressure got to her as she was inclined to go on Twitter to defend herself and to express that she had no control and no involvement. Clearly, that’s not true. She had control over whether to pose and she was INVOLVED when she posed. If she was truly secure about doing it, she wouldn’t have allowed the pro-Rihanna comments to affect her.

        Karrueche could have opted to express something like what you did, “I can pose with whoever I want to..” Clearly, she wasn’t comfortable with the pose after the pressure it generated.

        1. The pressure? LOL, what internet thugs? What are tweets from Rih or hr fans going to do really? You think too much of other’s opinions and thoughts about this girl. People were falsely reporting that it was her shirt on the Kill and she made it clear that it wasn’t. That what you’re supposed to do. Matter of fact, I’m going to buy a few since she is hated for no reason.

        2. I like Kae but I don’t think she should have posed with the girl either….she should stay silent and focus on that fashion line.

  5. Hi –

    Karrueche stated that she has no control over what other people do and that she wasn’t involved in the T-shirt dissing Rihanna.


    Karrueche had control of whether to pose with the T-shirt and she got INVOLVED when she posed with the woman wearing the T-shirt.

    1. So? Who the hell is Rihanna? God?!! She’s just another industry puppet. I’m glad Kae posed with the girl. Tired of people acting like Rihanna is God or someone to be scared of. She went back to the same guy that beat her a-s. She’s not tough!

      1. @404 –

        Hi –

        Of course, Rihanna isn’t GOD. Nor is she a puppet. She’s a diamond. Diamonds come from the ground, get cleaned, shined, and cut to glorious beauty.

        Some folks learn slower than others… There are people who are fully confident that Rihanna will get wiser and make better choices. Only GOD knows when…

        And Oh yes, Rihanna is tough…but young… Typically young people make numerous foolish and unwise choices…

        1. She’s definitely a puppet, and no, she’s no diamond. She’s a trashy young female that got lucky because nowadays talent and good music aren’t requited for fame.

          Lastly, no, she is very weak. Tough women don’t go back to abusers. The fact that you praise someone who is such a terrible role model to women lets me know that my first point is true. She’s worshipped and she shouldn’t be. You called her a diamond. How disgusting and disturbing. Say whatever you need to say, I don’t care, I stand by what I said.

          Strong women are the Michelle Obamas of the world. Not Rihanna. She will NEVER get praise from me because I’m smarter than that.

          She’s a little girl that got lucky.

  6. I personally like this girl… I don’t ever hear any negative ish about her ever saying anything about anybody.. Only thing I hear, haha more less see is what people write about her… MUMS the word.. I like that attitude…

    Karrueche do the damn thing…. lol…
    Hope she stays that way and not do anymore interviews asides from that radio interview… Better to stay silent then to speak on things… I’d rather have people guessing and talking personally… just saying

    1. I agree. She needs to stop with the interviews. She needs to keep networking with celebs and slowly distance herself from this Chris and Rihanna drama. If she’s smart, she’d take this opportunity and do bigger things.

  7. So are they going to have the minaj or not? If Stevie J can have one with Mimi & Joseline, Chris can do this with Rhianna and Karrueche.

    Lets make it happen!

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