Beef? Ciara and Future’s Baby Mama Shade Each Other on Twitter

Photo Credit: @ciara Instagram
Photo Credit: @ciara Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is there a beef brewing between Ciara and Future’s baby mama? As everyone already knows, singer Ciara usually keeps her romantic life private. Although it’s well known that she dated Bow Wow as a teenager and was involved in a serious relationship with rapper 50 Cent, Ciara didn’t start talking about either much in her interviews until recently. While it’s clear that she and Bow Wow are over whatever they had when they were teens, in a recent interview, Ciara kind of confirmed that she still has feelings for 50 Cent. But according to Ciara, it would be his “fear of love” that would prevent them from ever being able to make the relationship work.

As we recently reported, Ciara is rumored to be dating up and coming rapper and fellow Atlanta native, Future. The rumored couple has already been snapped by the paps going out to dinner and spending a lot of time with one another outside the music studio.

And now that the blogs are quite aware that Future is Ciara’s new boo, rumors about the R&B singer have intensified. MTO claimed the other day that Future broke up with Ciara and proposed to his baby mama, but his baby mama took to her Twitter account and referred to the story as “lies.”

Regardless, while some speculate that Future and Ciara started dating while he was in a relationship with his baby mama, it appears that both Ciara and Future’s baby mama aren’t on the best terms.

Both took to their Twitter accounts to throw some shade.

Future’s baby mama hit below the belt, and called Ciara a “hasbeen”:

future baby mama and ciara beef


Ciara peeped the shade and clapped back on her Instagram account:



ciara and future baby mama beef

Uh oh.


    1. Future needs to tell that chick to collect her checks for what ever kid(s) they have and keep quiet lol! Baby Mama is yesterday’s news, Ciara is the one with the ring! If baby mama wanted to be the one with the ring, she should have closed her legs till she got it, then had the kid(s)!

  1. Ciara should put the same effort she puts into getting a man into her music because that music she has out now is garbage.

  2. The funny thing is she calling Ciara a has been but technically Future hasn’t blown up yet. He’s getting the most attention he’s ever gotten dating the chick she just called a hasbeen.

  3. If the rumors are true and Ciara pursued him while he was in a relationship, this relationship won’t end well. #karma

  4. All I see is women with low self esteem issues, these women are beautiful and talented and holding it down all own there own why do you get with dudes that are beneath you? Ladies wake up. Rather you wanna be or not you are role models and your actions speak loudly to these young girls that dress like you,dance like you, and wear their hair like you do, don’t you want to be positive to someone that admires you so much?

  5. Who do the baby mama always try to throw shade at the new girl? It’s Ciara fault that the relationship didn’t work out. Clearly Future have moved on so do the same.

  6. LMMFAO everybody hatein on Ciara..Well girl do the dam thing and i love yo new songs..So hold yo man down and f-ck what the world gotta say bout you and yours..

  7. I’m thru wit the situation, bcuz we don’t kno Wat the history I’d between future & his bm
    Nor wit him & Cici…soUnds like he playin both of em… I think Ciara would be more successful if she focus on her music more = life will always teach u lessons but it’s us that has to be willing to embrace dat lesson….it just may take her a Lil longer
    I don’t think either woman is stupid for loving him out wateva but i believe if they loved themselves more he wouldn’t matter as much or at all to them
    I do feel future I’d being a Lil selfish, but ppl only do Wat u allow &a niggah gonna be a niggah

    I’m still a fan of future as well as Ciara & I’m a woman 1st bm 2nd ,so i wish them all the best cuz at the end of the day it’s their lives not ours…

    Smooches:-) :-*

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