J.R. Smith Tweets Kris Humphries Kanye Dig After Game Loss

Photo Credit: @teamswish Instagram
Photo Credit: @teamswish Instagram

Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Kardashian and her estranged husband Kris Humphries ended their relationship quickly, but the divorce has been a very lengthy and bitter one. Although Kim Kardashian is currently pregnant with current beau Kanye West’s baby, the reality star’s divorce from Kris appears to be climbing into the two-year mark. Kim is busy doing plenty of publicity and interviews to promote her current reality show with her sister Kourtney Kardashian, and according to Kim, her attorneys informed her that the divorce may finally be finalized this year.

The hold up to divorce is Kim’s refusal to accept Kris Humphries offering of an annulment, considering he now thinks Kim used him for a TV wedding and publicity, but Kim doesn’t want to admit that the marriage was a sham, even though Kris’ camp has already come to the conclusion that not only did Kim cheat on Reggie with Kanye, but she most likely cheated with Kanye while she was engaged and even married to Kris.

Regardless, Kris Humphries, who plays for the Brooklyn Nets, can’t seem to separate himself from “Kimye” even when it comes to his basketball career.

After beating the New York Knicks (Smith’s team) last night, Kris gloated about the win on his Twitter account:


kris humphries jr smith beef


J.R. Smith, the outspoken former boo of K. Michelle, Rihanna and Tahiry isn’t a stranger to Twitter beef. He clapped back at Kris Humphries with a Kanye dig:


jr smith kris humphries twitter beef


After being fined $25,000 by the NBA for tweeting a picture of Tahiry’s booty not too long ago, it appears that J.R. Smith still refuses to hold anything back on his Twitter account.


  1. LOL! Poor Kris. He will never be able to separate himself from Kim. Oh well. I hope he gets that annulment at least. They were only married 72 days, so I’m not sure why Kim is trying so hard to hide the obvious, of course that marriage was fake.

  2. I’m not sure why black men think breaking up with Kim is a loss. I mean seriously, when will they stop putting that tramp on a pedestal? Kanye is not winning. He’s dating the same chick that most black men in the business have smashed already. But this is Ye we’re talking about and he never was that smart to begin with. Jay-Z is winning tho. His wife gets invited to kick it with the President. LOL.

    1. But that’s what Kanye really wants! He wants his own Beyonce! But he doesn’t seem to get the part that the woman can’t be known for a damn sex tape and be considered a joke to real celebs. They will never be like Hov and Bey because no one respects them except Kim’s delusional stans.

    2. I cosign BOTH of these comments! And I’ll add that Kim wants to be Beyonce. She probably only dated Ye to get close to her.

  3. J.R. Smith sounds like my 5 yr old! And Kim needs to go ahead and admit that she was faking with Kris so that we can stop hearing about them! I don’t like that whole family except for Khloe and Bruce (non Kardashians)!

  4. Kanye been putting the smash on the world since he told the world George Bush doesn’t care about black people in 2005!
    Get Money!!

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