Keri Hilson Denies Beef with Ciara & Beyonce

Photo Credit: Hip Hollywood
Photo Credit: Hip Hollywood

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Keri Hilson’s singing career started off looking very promising. Keri had major success as a song writer, so it was no surprise that she wanted to step out from behind the scenes and become a star in her own right. Keri was able to get buzz easily with the release of her hit single “Turnin Me On,” as she pushed a feisty image blended in with women empowerment anthems. Unfortunately for Keri, things would start to go sour with her once she released the remix to “Turnin Me On” and was accused of dissing fellow R&B singers Ciara and Beyonce on the track.

Although Keri denied that she was taking shots at either Beyonce or Ciara, she initially became a target of the Beyhive and C-Squad. Keri gets dragged on Twitter daily as a result of the beefs.

Keri focused on her music despite the rumored beefs, but stir criticism again when she refused to pick up and promote a magazine on the red carpet that featured Beyonce on the cover.

It also didn’t help that her image drastically changed and she became somewhat of a sex kitten over night.

With her alleged hostility towards Beyonce, alleged diss to Ciara, and over the top new sexualized image; the singer’s career began to decline and so did her album sales.

Perhaps Keri wants to move forward in her career and get past her rumored feuds because in a recent interview with Hip Hollywood, Keri claims she doesn’t have beef with anyone. She also says that the rumors of having beefs have been very hurtful to her as well.

She says:

“No I don’t have any beef with any female artist.

“I think it’s just interesting that people are so…we live in such a gullible world and anything that’s written, anything that’s posted, any picture that is interpreted one way is taken as truth, it’s like bible now. You can photoshop something put it out and everyone believes it.

“I’m human, it’s hurtful, it’s malicious. It’s not ok to just make up false things about someone and their personal life.”


Check out the interview here:


  1. Sorry Keri, you career is already over. It was a mixture of things, but beefing with other singers (or at least appearing to be doing so) was just the first strike.

  2. The damage has already been done. She can say she wasn’t taking shots in that remix, but she was. And it was very arrogant and catty, so it turned people off. When you’re a new artist, you need to be humble. Now she’s being humble when she should have been humble a few years ago. Regardless, I wish her the best of luck. :-/

  3. She has a point but her shade was very clear. She’s backtracking now because it really did hurt her career tremendously. The problem with some women is they feel like only one person can be successful. That’s just not the case. Don’t get mad at the people who are successful. Learn from them and find your own way. IJS.

  4. It’s a wrap Keri. Has been for years. You have a lil NBA boo and a songwriting career to fall back on. I’d say it’s not that big of a deal.

  5. Yeah!right….now she denies shading Beyoncé and Ciara, cuz she knows that remix just tottaly killed her music career..If she and learn from other star successful career , like Beyonce’s, instead of showing jealousy, I bet she would have a great one…….Keri alittle to late….SMH

  6. u started the kitty cat war on yourself lady!i mean,beyonce has been on track ever since she was 16 and so has ciara dspite the ages difference! Since keri claimed to be bey’s co-writer and the backstage behind her sucess she could use her so claimed gift 4 somethn better than to trow shades on these 2!ur always claiming urself beta keri and showin us none!where is the beta u noW? that pretty girl rocks sucks by the way..stop fightin with bombs,stop shakin and shine in the billbord again!one her new track bey on her new track says” really wana knw hw i got it like that cz i got a cute face and my booty so fat..”don’t fight with that and bring us the normal energy girl and turn us on with that!

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