Evelyn Lozada Owns up to Her Violent Image

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Evelyn Lozada is in the midst of filming for the fifth season of Basketball Wives along with the majority of her cast mates from last season, minus a few. The reality show that she is apart of has undergone some casting changes but as for Evelyn’s own personal life, it has gone through some major ones of its own as her marriage to Chad Johnson came to a quick end after a domestic violence dispute left her with a head laceration and her husband being arrested. And after the news went public, things went from bad to worse as Chad lost his spot on the Miami Dolphins’ roster and endorsement deals that he had landed. And he was hit with more bad news as Evelyn wasted no time and filed for divorce from her husband of only 41 days. Even with Evelyn filing for divorce from Chad, it never really appeared to those on the outside looking in that they were done with each other, especially seeing how openly flirty they continued to be with each other from afar. And not too long ago, the two were spotted together holding hands at a restaurant, causing even more chatter to go on about them being on their way to becoming a couple again. Just before people got things too twisted though, both Chad and Evelyn denied that they were an item again despite what was captured on camera.

In an interview that she did with VIBE Vixen, Evelyn spoke on where she stands with Chad as of now and how the incident that happened between them has affected her personally and her image, which had already been tainted from her violent behavior on Basketball Wives. As far as the incident with Chad is concerned, Evelyn says she felt like the blame for what happened to her that day was being placed on her. But at the same time, she admits to being guilty of the image that most people have of her due to her antics on BBW:

“I felt like I was getting blamed for, you know, the incident happening. And it was hard because I feel like, but at the same time I take full responsibility for putting this perception of me out there, that I argue and I just fight. And that’s what most, you know, people connect me with, especially with last season. So it’s like ‘Okay, well maybe she did something to deserve what happened’. And I’m like ‘I didn’t do anything’.”

Evelyn’s reputation made it easy for people to believe that she played a part in the whole incident with Chad. But he has said numerous times, one of them being during his ‘First Take’ interview, that he was the one at fault in the situation, to Evelyn’s relief:

“And I guess he did an interview and talked about, you know, that it was his, you know, he was honest and real. And I felt finally relieved that okay, you know, he said I didn’t have anything to do with what happened that day, he takes full responsibility, you know, he still had his ring on. It’s tough…”

And she says that Chad is doing everything in his power to salvage their marriage:

“He’s still fighting for his marriage and he wants it to work and he’s like doing whatever he can.”

Interestingly, Evelyn says that her and Chad are still not supposed to contact each other after it was reported previously that she was having the no-contact order that she had against him lifted.

“It’s tough ’cause you know, I thought I was just about to start my life. You know, I’m married, I had this beautiful wedding and then it just derailed. And life went in a whole other direction. So you know, it’s tough seeing that because in a sense, I feel like, right after the situation happened between me and him, my brother-in-law died two days later. And he walked me down the aisle. So I felt like I was, you know, mourning the loss of two people ’cause you know, I never talked to my brother-in-law again and I never talked to him ever again so it was hard. It’s still hard.”

Evelyn and Chad have said repeatedly that they are not back together. From what Evelyn says though, Chad is not ready to completely throw in the towel on their marriage and is willing to truly patch things up with her.

Peep the clip of Evelyn Lozada’s interview with VIBE Vixen below:


  1. Sometimes I wonder if she and Chad planned the whole head butting thing just so she could have something to talk about in her interviews…

  2. How many ways can this woman say nothing She felt like she was being blamed but at the same time she admits she’s wrong?


    Please woman, get thee to counseling and get out of the lime light. Your slip has been showing.

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