Phaedra Parks Accused of Being a Homewrecker?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality star Phaedra Parks has a lot to be happy about these days as not only is her fitness DVD Phine Body/Donkey Booty a top seller on Amazon but she also confirmed recently that she is expecting her second child with her husband Apollo. Unfortunately for Phaedra, being on a popular reality television show can make one a target to drama that pops off away from the cameras that is even more controversial than her onscreen drama with Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie and season five villain Kenya Moore. As we recently reported, Twitter seems to be the place for people to make their accusations of Phaedra’s shady rumored past dealings, as the last woman went so far as to claim Phaedra used to head a prostitution ring.

The same woman, Angela Scranton, is said to have written a tell all book, but it’s been reported that Phaedra and her mother have filed lawsuits against Scranton claiming the things she has written in the book about Phaedra are untrue.

Welp, now there’s another woman popping off about Phaedra on Twitter. And this woman is accusing Phaedra of sleeping with her husband. In a series of tweets, she claims that Phaedra was the godmother to her child, but allegedly began an affair with her husband behind her back. She also suggests she too is writing a tell all book about Phaedra.

Here are the tweets and accusations, which were obtained by Rhymes With Snitch:

phaedra accusations

phaedra parks accusations


We don’t know if these accusations are true considering anyone can create a Twitter account and lie about anyone who is a public figure (it happens all the time), but this is at least the second person to write “tell all” book about Phaedra Parks. Messy.


  1. Do these women want a cookie? I don’t understand the need to write a tell all because your husband was a dog and couldn’t keep it in his pants. She’s probably lying too just like the other one was. Crabs in a damn barrel.

  2. Tell All?!!!! If these two grown a-s women don’t have a stadium of seats! Trying to use Phaedra for a come up. Please.

  3. If her writing is as bad as her tweets were grammar wise, I know I won’t be buying her book. Lmbo. But seriously though, WTF cares?! Anyone can tweet a lie on Twitter anyway, so yeah, I won’t say I believe her.

  4. Great!!! I can’t wait!!! I’m so sick of everyone riding on Phaedra’s butt like she is some saint. After watching her so far this season, you can see she contradicts herself all the time and I see why Nene wasn’t interested in her from day ONE. Phaedra is FAKE and I believe it. What kind of “attorney” gets on TV and says “donkey booty?” That mess ain’t cute. You wanna talk about Kenya Moore or Nene making black women look bad…let’s keep it ALL THE WAY 100%, she DOES too! When I think lawyers, I would think of someone like Phylicia Rashad or someone who looks like Kerry Washington. Both of those women represent classiness! I hate seeing fake people get praised all the time.

  5. Chile these broads need to move on. Aint nobody checking for ya tired book. Last time I checked, everyone has a past and some things good and some things bad. Stop trying to get paid off her and take a twirl!

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