‘Eye Witness’ Claims Frank Ocean Called Chris Brown Gay During Fight

Photo Credit: David Hwang
Photo Credit: David Hwang

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we recently reported, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean allegedly got into a fight outside the parking lot of a recording studio the other night. Since the reports have gone live, Chris Brown has already been painted as the aggressor due to his past that includes the assault of ex girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. Chris’ camp claims that he and his entourage did not start the fight, and they insist that it would be Frank Ocean and his camp that pursued them by blocking them from leaving the studio. But Frank took to his Twitter account and told his fans that Chris and two other guys “jumped” him, and injured his finger in the process.

Chris did leave the scene before cops could ask him any questions, but his attorney claims that video from the surveillance camera on the property will prove that Chris was not fighting and did not cause the altercation.

However, it’s also being reported that Frank Ocean is moving forward to press charges against Chris Brown, which is a major violation of his probation.

Regardless, just as it is with any celebrity scandal, there are “eyewitnesses” coming out of the woodwork and telling people what they saw and heard. Apparently one eyewitness is claiming that they heard Frank Ocean call Chris gay during the altercation.

Here’s what the witness told Toxic Magazine:

“Chris was pissed off about the parking spot Frank seemed to be condescending and really sarcastic with Chris. Chris got really upset but tried to shake his hand; he was like ‘let’s do this like men.’ Frank looked at Chris’ hand, then he just started laughing and so did his entourage and then Chris just punched him.

“The fight was very verbal as well. “Lots of ‘f*cking f*ggots’ and ‘f*ck you n*gger’. But Frank didn’t seem as aggressive as Chris, he said, “You f*ck guys too –so what that make you?”


This whole situation has gotten really messy. No wonder Chris deleted his Instagram account.


  1. Chris Brown’s DL behavior is no secret. People have been talking about it for years. Every since he sent that homosexual pics of his penis that leaked online back in 07 till that issue with Raz B and Andre Merrit. Chris is Bisexual DL, the stans will have to deal.

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