Kanye Refuses to Watch Kim Give Birth?

Photo Credit: Tyler Curtis
Photo Credit: Tyler Curtis

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West’s resume might be impeccable when it comes to the things he’s achieved in his music career, and some may even say he’s pretty fearless when it comes to his fashion choices and even the beats he uses for his own music; but insiders close to Kanye and Kim claim he’s not fearless when it comes to watching his girlfriend Kim Kardashian give birth. According to multiple reports, Kim is expected to give birth in July, but those close to couple are claiming that Kanye has confessed that seeing Kim having the baby might be a little too much for Kanye. Apparently the rapper is afraid to see his girlfriend deliver their first child because according to reports, he’s absolutely too terrified of blood to be in the delivery room.

A source tells Closer Magazine:

“He’s embarrassed about it, but Kanye has always fainted at the sight of blood. And he feels very squeamish at the thought of watching the birth. The truth is, Kanye is scared he’ll just add to Kim’s anxiety during labor.

“Emotionally, Kanye wants to be there for Kim throughout the labor, but he’s just not sure he’s up to it.

“He suggested he could stick to pacing outside the delivery room.”


As we recently reported, Kim Kardashian will most likely still be legally married to Kris Humphries when she does give birth, as Kris did turn down her recent $10 million divorce settlement, and instead opted to fight her tooth and nail for an annulment and for her to admit to the court that the marriage was a fraud. Kim is refusing to give Kris an annulment for the 72 day marriage.


  1. Well if he was not afraid to stick his paynus in Kim K., a well known industry slore, a little blood shouldn’t scare him.

  2. Kanye is such a female sometimes. Blood though? Most people are scared of seeing the actual head squeeze out the vajayjay.

  3. think it can be a emotional time and his choice. If he not going to be of assistance do go in there. I heard tells of men passing out in delivery.

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