Rick Ross Considers Drive By An Eye Opener, While ‘Freeway’ Ricky Ross Isn’t Shocked

Photo Credit: @richforever Instagram
Photo Credit: @richforever Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we recently reported, Rick Ross was the victim of an attempted drive by shooting, as reports suggest the rapper was shot at the other day in Fort Lauderdale while he and a female passenger were riding around in his Rolls Royce. Prior to the attempted drive by, the rapper had been on the receiving end of several death threats, with many of them coming from street gang Gangster Disciples. Ross never took the threats seriously and even said in an interview that “real gangsters move in silence.” Despite his tough guy talk, onlookers that claim to be on these scene when the shooting occurred say the rapper was visibly shaken by the shooting.

If the current reports have any truth, now people are saying that the drive by has opened Rick Ross’ eyes to the death threats. According to TMZ, the rapper even hired an extensive 24 hour armed security team. But those close to Rick Ross suggest that from now on, he’s going to start taking any threats made against him more seriously:

TMZ reports:

“Ross — aka Ricky Rozay — was already using armed bodyguards for protection at major events like concerts and public appearances … but now he’s decided he wants a full-time security detail.

“Ross was targeted in a drive-by shooting in Florida early Monday morning … when a car pulled up next to his Rolls-Royce and opened fire. Ross lost control of the vehicle during the incident and crashed into an apartment building.

“Sources close to Ross tell TMZ … the rapper had been getting threats for a while … but he wasn’t too concerned. But we’re told Ross considers the shooting to be an “eye-opener” and will do whatever it takes to keep himself safe.”


Rick Ross is currently in an ongoing legal battle with famed and former drug dealer Freeway Ricky Ross over his rap name, and the former drug dealer told Hip Hop DX that he’s not surprised in the least bit that the rapper was the victim of an attempted drive by shooting.

Freeway Ricky Ross says:

“I’m not surprised that it happened given recent ongoings, when someone doesn’t understand the street rules they get confused and incidents like this can take place.

“I’m still dealing with ongoing litigation about something as basic as using my name and identity, that should have been dealt with properly a long time ago. No ill will is wished upon anyone, but when you tell these stories about the streets you have to be careful.”


  1. Nobody is shocked it happened, but we want to know if it was a stunt because it’s fishy that someone shot the car 20 times and didn’t even put holes in the car. Something is off about this.

  2. Officer Ricky has no clue about street rules his job was to watch the REAL gangstahs while they are locked up and confined. What he need to do is stop letting them folks write his rhymes and stop being a puppet for the music industry, get back to his original roots of being law abiding citizen and use his 15 mins as a way to help the urban youth!!!!

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