Joe Budden Talks Drug Abuse & Covers Rolling Out Magazine

Photo Credit: @joebudden Instagram
Photo Credit: @joebudden Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Joe Budden’s drug abuse has been one of the most popular topics on the current season of Love and Hip Hop. Joe already established himself as a rapper before making an appearance on the reality show, however, he admitted recently that he has struggled with drugs for the last few years. He may no longer be involved with Tahiry on a romantic level, but she has teamed up with his mother to help him get completely clean from drug use. While Joe won’t mention every drug he’s struggled with, he did confirm that he is addicted to Molly, a popular drug that is becoming the “it “drug for young people and up and coming rappers.

Joe did an interview with Rolling Out Magazine and explains what he feels caused him to get addicted to drugs. He also talks about where things stand now with Tahiry, his “friendship” with Raqi Thunder, his rumored ladies’ man reputation and why he doesn’t regret doing reality television.

Joe speaks on where things stand with Tahiry:

“Closure would be nice. But that’s a luxury at this point between her and I. Would I prefer it? Yes. Will it ever be? Who the f–k knows?”


On his friendship with Raqi Thunder:

“That relationship is nonexistent. I won’t say it’s because of the show. It’s because of her. The show didn’t do anything — to me, anyway. That was bound to come to its end whether the show was happening or not.”


Regarding the “ladies’ man” label:

“As much as it is communicated, I don’t view myself that way. It’s almost a joke when I hear it. To me, it’s as simple as, I’m attracted to women that a lot of other people seem to be attracted to as well. They’re all beautiful and amazing women — physically, at least. It doesn’t set me apart. But I’m very transparent with them. Maybe most other people are not. Maybe I live in a bubble, in that respect. But that pretty much is always what it is.”


Why he wasn’t opposed to doing reality television:

“I didn’t really see a reason to be opposed to [the show]. It was never really something I was ever opposed to. This was just another outlet for people to get a better understanding of who I am as an individual. And to see some of the struggles that I went through. If it could help at least one person out there, it was all worth it.”

On drug abuse, Joe Budden says:

“It was just a severe case of me being overwhelmed. I’ve been in this game for a long time and people drinking and doing whatever happens to be their vice of choice — that never affected me. That was me. Not to say other people wouldn’t be influenced, but for me, it was never that. For me, it was, ‘If I wanna do something, I’m gonna do it.’ Whether other people agree or disagree.”


Here’s a peek at his spread:


joe budden rolling out cover

joe budden rolling out 1

joe budden rolling out 2

joe budden rolling out 3


      1. Yeah his voice is very sexy but he is also an attractive man. If I was a single chick again, I wouldn’t date him. He seems like he’s a little too open about his relationships. I can’t really understand folks who put their relationship business on Twitter/Facebook/IG.

  1. I still feel like Mona waited too long to put him and Tahiry on the show. Their storyline is boring as hell because you can tell they are both over each other.

  2. He looks good. The show is boring though. None of the storylines have managed to keep my attention. So I don’t really see myself watching it for the whole season.

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