Frank Ocean’s Producer Says Chris Brown Set Him Up

Photo Credit: @f*ckyopictures Instagram
Photo Credit: @f*ckyopictures Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we recently reported, Frank Ocean and Chris Brown allegedly had a huge brawl in the parking lot of a recording studio. There have been so many different accounts of what went down to cause the altercation, but Frank Ocean has stood by his story and claims that Chris and his entourage attacked him first and “jumped” him. Chris’ camp claimed that Chris threw no punches, however, Chris was photographed with a cast on his hand, therefore making many believe that the singer did throw some punches during the altercation. Regardless of who started it, Frank decided to back down from pressing charges and claimed that he just wants peace, as well as the chance to move forward from the drama.

While some people are whispering that Chris and his lawyers paid off Frank in order for him to not go froward with pressing charges, it looks like Frank’s producer didn’t get the memo to just drop and move on from the drama because he’s still talking about it. Michael Uzowuru took to his blog the other day to speak on the matter and he claims that the situation was a lot worse than people understand. According to his blog post, he alleges that he feels like Chris was trying to kill Frank during the fight and after witnessing the brawl, he is now convinced that Chris Brown has some kind of demons.

According to the producer, Frank was informed by the receptionist at the studio that the car that was parked in his spot belonged to Chris Brown. Minutes later, Chris came down to the parking lot with “a big dude” and a “skinnier dude” and confronted Frank. Frank then asked for Chris to move his car, and that’s allegedly when the fight began.

Uzowuru claims that’s when the big dude with Chris punched one of his friends in the face. And that’s apparently when Chris began to attack Frank.

The producer writes:

“Then instantly Chris and the other dude grab [Frank] and try to jump him. There’s no doubt in my mind the whole thing was a set up.

“…Chris was trying to beat the living “s**t” out of [him].

“I don’t know what type of demons Chris is facing, but I hope he clears them all and finds a new life rooted in love and light.”


  1. I like Chris, but even Rihanna said he hit her several times before the “incident,” so I’m not shocked by what this guy is saying. Chris needs some serious help, but probably won’t ever get it. He has too many yes people around him and even Rihanna is one of those yes people. Had she really moved on from him ( and not decided to sneak around with him while he was with Kae), he would have seen first hand that he can’t get away with hurting people. Oh well.

  2. Smh. Oh well, Frank’s not pressing charges so it’s time to move on. Chris will get in another fight before the year is over I’m sure. Any takers?

  3. Oh shut up Frank and Frank’s a-s kissers! They had a chance to put that immature dude behind bars and they didn’t. So I don’t want to hear anything else about it!

  4. The whole world can see Chris has demons…but no one is trying to help because hey don’t want to lose their meal ticket and Rihanna doesn’t want to lose that d-ck again. smh.

  5. If Chris did all of this, Frank should be pressing charges. The fact that he isn’t makes me side eye this producer’s story.

  6. There’s video of Frank hunting Chris down in his car from like a year ago! He is not innocent!!! He starts trouble!

  7. Chris honestly has issues, and people should stop sweeping it under the rug! And if no one is going to take a step forward and handle these situations accordingly then they should stop blogging aond tweeting about it. That’s the thing that annoyed me about rihanna’s assult- the fact that she went on all those talk shows and did aall those interviews talking about how he mistreated her and STILL went back to him!

  8. I honestly think Frank and his people need to be quiet now. Don’t complain about Chris when you had a chance to do something about it (press charges) and you did NOTHING. Chris won’t get it together until someone makes him take some responsibility for his actions. No one has really done that.

  9. Why would Chris Brown set up Frank Ocean? That doesn’t even make sense. Yeah something isn’t right about this story cause if you try to kill me you better believe I’m pressing all the charges I can against you!

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