Tahiry, Joe Budden Instagram Drama Continues

Photo Credit: @therealtahiry Instagram
Photo Credit: @therealtahiry Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tahiry and Joe Budden were supposed to be the stars of season 3 of Love and Hip Hop, however, fans of the show have made it clear that their storyline has been pretty dull and isn’t strong enough to carry the season like Mona Scott Young thought it would. It’s pretty obvious at this point that the real drama is taking place away from the cameras when it comes to this cast, as Rich Dollaz is having the most insane of baby mama drama, and Mandeecees Harris has been accused of sexually assaulting an underage girl. But regardless of the off-screen drama, fans of the series have made it clear numerous times that the show isn’t living up to the hype this time around.

Ratings are dwindling and aren’t as strong as they were last season when Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones reigned, along with fan favorites Kimbella and Emily B. So perhaps the current cast has been told to turn it up a few notches on their social networking accounts because the other day Tahiry decided to post some rather interesting text messages from Joe Budden and to tag his current main squeeze Kaylin to them to get her attention.

In the messages, Joe asked Tahiry about her current relationship status and then asked her if she could go to dinner with him.

Here’s the messages:

tahiry joe budden


As we have recently stated, we do feel that the chemistry between Joe and Tahiry just isn’t there anymore (judging by the scenes they have had together on the show), and we feel their storyline on the show is about two years too late and very forced. So we feel this is just most likely a publicity stunt to garner more interest in a show that is loosing viewership with each new episode.

Do you think this is a stunt or is Joe Budden seriously trying to get back at Tahiry despite haying a girlfriend?


    1. Tahiry gets on my nerves. Like why the act? You try to say you care about Joe and that you want to see him do well off of drugs, but then you be like no, I don’t want to be in your life anymore. Smh.

  1. Stunt. Those two are not into each other anymore. And he’s seem very happy with Kaylin. Anything to help ratings though, I understand.

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