Chris Brown Returns to Court with Rihanna

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@f*ckyopictures Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Chris Brown joined by Rihanna in court? Things haven’t been looking too good here recently for Chris Brown as it all started off when he got into a fight with Singer Frank Ocean. For a moment, it appeared that Chris was going to get hit with more legal troubles over the brawl. But with Frank Ocean’s change of heart, the singer was able to escape any charges from it thus far, even with more allegations coming to light. But Chris Brown managed to find himself in a bad situation concerning the community service hours that he is required to do. According to TMZ, Chris Brown appeared in court today after his community service hours were brought into question as it was said that Chris lied about completing them and could potentially face jail time if revealed that he was being untruthful.

Chris’ lawyer Mark Geragos wasn’t the only who showed up with the singer in court. He was accompanied by a few other people including his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, whom he is now back together with, and whom was said to have been blowing kisses at the singer during his court appearance. His mother Joyce Hawkins was also present in court with Chris. After deciding that he needed more time to review the evidence that was brought forth to him by the D.A., the judge over the case ordered Chris Brown to set up a meeting with his P.O. within the next 48 hours to talk in detail about the matter. In addition to meeting with his probation officer, the judge also informed Chris that he wanted his P.O. to follow up with him after the meeting took place.

Chris Brown was said to have been relieved by the judge’s decision as he was spotted leaving the building with Rihanna, who reportedly had a big smile plastered on her face, by his side. And Chris was spotted again afterwards smiling from ear-to-ear in a car as he was leaving the courthouse.

Chris Brown’s next court hearing is scheduled for April 5, 2013.



  1. Blowing kisses? Really Rih? They sound more and more like Bobby & Whitney everyday. I hope they don’t end up like they did. Real talk.

    1. The blowing kisses was my first thought too. Is she crazy????? Does she have any idea how that makes her look????? God help her because she certainly needs it.

    2. Definitely not a Rihanna fan but I can’t wish for bad to happen to other people. I don’t think this will end well, but they are grown. It is what it is.

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