Frank Ocean Claims Chris Brown Threatened to Shoot Him

Photo Credit: Joel Telling
Photo Credit: Joel Telling

By: Taren Vaughan

Chris Brown threatened to shoot Frank Ocean during parking lot brawl? The Chris Brown Frank Ocean fight has continued to make headlines after the news of them getting in a fight with each other over what was said to have been over a parking space. Many sides of the story have been told as Frank Ocean was pulling the victim card from jump, saying that Chris Brown and a group of his friends jumped him, Frank Ocean walking away with a cut finger. Chris Brown did his best to block out the negativity that he received over the fight drama while Frank Ocean sought to have legal action taken against Chris as it was said that Frank Ocean wanted to press charges against him over the physical altercation that they had. Within days after reports were made about Frank’s desire to press charges against Breezy, the Odd Future singer let it be known that he forgives Chris Brown for what happened and that he would not be continuing with his initial move of pressing charges against him. Frank Ocean may not be out to get Breezy into more legal trouble than he is in as of now due to fabrication of his community service hours that he is required to do. But that won’t stop more tidbits from the fight to keep surfacing as it has been revealed that Chris Brown supposedly threatened to shoot Frank Ocean during the brawl according to a report from TMZ, in addition to allegedly throwing some homophobic slurs at him:

Frank Ocean told police he was called a “f**got” during his  brawl with Chris Brown … moments before Brown threatened to  shoot him — this according to the official incident report obtained by  TMZ.

According to the report, Ocean told police, Brown had punched him in  the face after Ocean told Brown he had taken Ocean’s parking space at the  recording studio where the fight took place last week.

Ocean told police  Brown tried to shake his hand, but Ocean refused, telling Brown he was in his  parking spot. Ocean claimed that’s when Brown punched him in the  face. According to the report, Ocean said two of Brown’s goons then jumped  in to help Brown … pushed him into a corner and attempted to kick him.

Ocean — who revealed last year that he’d once had a romantic relationship with  a man — also said he believes he heard someone yell “f**got!” but he’s unsure  who made the statement.

Cops also say Ocean told them that Brown  threatened to shoot him, saying, “We can bust on you too!” Ocean told  police the whole fight lasted about two or three minutes.


  1. After this blows over, Chris needs to lay low and have a stadium of seats. He’s had like 2 weeks of negative press from this one incident. The media is lingering on this one just as much as the Rihanna incident. Chris needs to really get his life together. If he escapes jail this time, he needs to really change his behavior all together.

    1. Of course TMZ hates Chris. The owner of the website is a gay man. Chris has had a reputation for the last few years of being homophobic. He’s being targeted by very powerful people. That’s why he should be so stupid.

  2. Again, you don’t mess with the gays and the white folk. He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t go to jail this time around.

  3. I’m just going to keep it real. Yes, what Chris did to Rihanna was just plain wrong. But the treatment he’s been getting from the media since then has been very extreme. He’s not the only celeb to have beaten the breaks off his woman. White celebs have done the same but they don’t get bashed to this extreme. What Chris fails to understand is that even though he is famous, he is still black! Black people have to always be on their P’s & Q’s because the treatment we get from the media will never be fair. With that being said, Chris continuously fcks up as if he doesn’t seem to understand the rules of being black and famous. He’s not smart at all.

    1. True. But in the end, Chris is at fault for all of this. Had he kept his fists off Rihanna’s face, we wouldn’t be talking about this right now.

  4. Not shocked at all. He has some real anger issues that have not been resolved. That’s why Rihanna is making a HUGE mistake in taking him back into her life.

  5. Yea but it was okay for Charlie Sheen to beat the hell out of his women and even tried to shoot Brooke Shields. But he gets a new tv show. FOOH with that. Wake the hell up black folk cause if he was white this crap would not be happening and Frank need to shut the hell up. Man up my dude geez

  6. If Frank Ocean said all is forgiven, then he needs to let it go. This releasing a new part of the fight every few days is getting really old. My prayers go out to them all. This just proves the immortal words of Biggie: “More money, more problems!”

  7. I thought Frank decided NOT to press charges? So why is he still releasing new details everyday? Right about now I’m sick of him and Chris and this whole weak azz fight!

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