Wale is Upset That People Treat Rick Ross’ Drive by Shooting Incident as a Joke

Photo Credit: @walemmg Instagram
Photo Credit: @walemmg Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Maybach Music Head Honcho Rick Ross hasn’t had the best couple of months. Not only has the rapper been a target of threats made by street gang Gangster Disciples, but he’s had to cancel numerous performances as well allegedly as a result of the video threats he was receiving from gang members all over the country. Although Ross claimed that he didn’t cancel the shows due to threats, things between him and the street gang may have escalated as it was confirmed that the rapper was the target of an unsuccessful drive by as he sat in his car. Although the car was shot at multiple times, Ross and his female passenger (who is rumored to be his girlfriend) were unharmed. Rick Ross hasn’t said anything publicly about the situation, but it was reported that he hired a 24 hour security staff.

While most of the Hip Hop community has offered their support and well wishes to the rapper, his nemesis 50 Cent suggested on Twitter to his millions of followers that he believes the incident was nothing more than a publicity stunt. He feels that way because some reports claimed the vehicle Ross was driving was shot at 20 times, yet some reports claimed there were no bullet holes in the car.

Regardless, Rick Ross’ artist Wale is saying that the drive by shooting was very real and he wishes the media and critics wouldn’t treat the situation as a joke.

In a recent interview with 94.5, he says:

“I think everything, the whole thing, has been blown up. I think the media is perpetuating a lot of things. God forbid, if something happens to anybody, they’re gonna be playing people’s records all day.”


The rapper even claims he had to unfollow some people on Twitter because they were making jokes out of the situation. He suggests that despite what people think, the situation is something he takes very seriously and they should too:

“It’s a joke to y’all because y’all see him on TV everyday but what if that was your friend? That’s my friend. I was talking to him last night about the football game. So, what y’all think is a joke is somebody’s health. I know his children. God forbid something happens. And I just lost one of my brothers so I don’t even play around with that stuff. I don’t play.”


Check out the interview below:


  1. Wale has a point but Rick Ross brings a lot of this on himself because he’s rapping about a dangerous lifestyle. IJS.

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