Tahiry Addresses the ‘Married with Herpes’ Rumor?

Photo Credit: @therealtahiry Instagram
Photo Credit: @therealtahiry Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Love and Hip star Tahiry Jose has found herself the target of a very nasty rumor. The new reality television star and ex girlfriend of Joe Budden may be in the middle of launching her music career and moving on from Joe, however, she’s now seeing firsthand that fame isn’t always pretty. As we recently reported, someone is claiming that Tahiry has herpes and is married to a wealthy man for money purposes. The “insider” claimed that Tahiry’s alleged wealthy husband compensates her monthly as part of their arrangement. The source told Gossip Daily that they sent a warning in the form of an email to Mona Scott Young to inform her of Tahiry’s alleged situation, but got no response. They also sent a copy of an alleged marriage certificate to the website that they claim belongs to Tahiry .

The craziest thing the source claimed was that Tahiry herself would come clean with all of this in an upcoming documentary, and they even suggested that lawsuits against the reality star are sure to come.

Tahiry has been quiet since the rumor has started to spread all over the urban gossip blogs, but now it appears that she is now breaking her silence.

In a rather cryptic way, Tahiry took to her Instagram account to possibly suggest that the rumors aren’t true. She also made it very clear that she knew exactly what she was walking into when she signed up for the show and unfortunately, rumors are a part of new fame.

She posted the following message to her thousands of followers:

tahiry herpes


      1. I don’t think Kaylin would put Herpes as the choose of STD. It suggested that she past it to Joe, which would result in K receiving it as well.

  1. Someone is out to get her something serious. It has to be a female. We’re the only gender that puts that much time and energy into hating someone.

  2. That sh-t gotta be true, Y would someone come out of nowhere with those kind of rumors instead of rumors saying she’s a industry hoe? Use your head and put it 2getha.

  3. I knew that the marriage thing was false. I know that she has done interviews since the rumors. I haven’t heard them tho with my phone. I’ve also been on youtube to see if it would be on there. Haven’t found it yet. Hopefully soon

    1. Okkkkk, I just heard her interview on Power 99 Philly from February 12, 2013, so she admitted to being married before in 03′ for a short period of time and NO he was NOT rich at all. That part case closed. But what I don’t get is when they asked her about having herpes she said that they are clearing that up, whatever that means. Well, they always say that half of a rumor is true. So…

  4. People’s are always hating but it’s like this u look good so let them hate u know what the hell u don’t got so the hell with them

  5. You actually believe everything that’s been said here is real ?
    I mean the obvious page just say “Tahiry herself would come clean with all of this in an upcoming documentary, and they even suggested that lawsuits against the reality star are sure to come.”
    Tahiry clearly didn’t stated that she does not have a cold sore. It only said that she appreciate her support followers not following into deep bullshit and that she expect this to happen.

    I rather get the truth once she makes her document life on movie but until then I’m not assuming nor judging but just wanted to witness it myself.

    “Believe half in what you see; Believe half in what you hear.”

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