Is Future on Baby Mama Number 4?

Photo Credit: @1freebandz Instagram
Photo Credit: @1freebandz Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Future‘s baby mama drama continues? The drama for Rapper Future is alive and well concerning the women in his life, specifically his numerous baby mamas. Future recently confirmed that he was dating Singer Ciara and he spoke on how good their relationship was going so far. Things may be all good between Future and CiCi, but all the issues that Future has been dealing with has put somewhat of a damper on their new romance and has even caused Ciara to beef with one of his baby mamas on Twitter, the woman even threatening to put both Future and Ciara on blast for trying to make folks think that she is bitter about the new relationship that they have going on. After throwing some shade at Ciara and Ciara returning the favor, Future’s baby mama channeled her Twitter rage solely on him, spilling some more tea yet again about the rapper as his baby mama called Future out for being a deadbeat dad and alluded to the fact that he has another child, which would put him at a grand total of having four baby mamas.

Well, it looks like his baby mama was on to something as TMZ reports that another woman has now stepped forward, claiming that Future is the father of her son that she gave birth to at the end of last year in December and filed a lawsuit against Future for child support. The woman goes on to say that if Future tries to deny being the father of the child, she is ordering that Future be made to take a DNA test to officially prove that he is indeed the father.

We informed you not too long ago that Future had gained a third baby mama that he just settled with in court last month over the child support payments that he would be making. So if this all turns out to be true, Future’s list of baby mamas just got longer.



  1. Ridiculous. I hope he’s at least being smart with his money so he can provide for all of these kids he’s having.

  2. Lol this guy is so messy. Ciara should exit stage left now but she won’t because she’s desperate to have a man. Smh.

  3. I feel that he is grown and he do what he want its a lot of rapper and othe normal people with different baby mama example lil Wayne . Stop founding things wrong with these stars personal life they are human just like us.

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