Yandy Smith Goes off on a Follower for Calling Mandeecees a Child Molester

Photo Credit: @yandysmith Instagram
Photo Credit: @yandysmith Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been an interesting turn of events for the current cast of season three of Love and Hip Hop. As we have already pointed out, it does appear that the real drama is taking place away from the cameras for the cast, and unfortunately for Yandy Smith, her baby daddy Mandeecees Harris is right in the middle of most of it. Mandeecees isn’t just currently in some hot water over drug related charges, but he was also accused of molesting a young woman who was 15 years old at the time. Fortunately for Mandeecees, he was found not guilty to the charges, and as quiet as Yandy has been about the whole situation, she finally broke her silence on Friday when the verdict was confirmed, and her boyfriend and baby’s daddy was found not guilty to child molestation.

Yandy made it clear that she was happy Mandeecees was deemed innocent, and she also made it clear that she will continue to stand by him during all of his legal troubles.

Despite being found not guilty, it’s obvious that there are still people who feel that Mandeecees may be guilty. And these people have no problems telling Yandy so on Twitter.

Refusing to be silent any longer, it appears that Yandy is now willing to check anyone who calls her man a child molester. Just a couple of hours after the verdict was confirmed by multiple reports and Yandy’s personal Instagram account, someone decided to try Yandy in her mentions. She wasn’t having…at all.

Peep the tweets (read from top to bottom):

yandy smith mandeecees


Mandeecees is currently in jail and awaiting his next trial for those federal drug charges.


  1. I don’t get it. So do people WANT him to be guilty? There was no evidence that suggested he did it, hence he was found not guilty. What’s the problem?

    1. It does seem like people want him to be a child molester…there young girl had no proof, so he was acquitted. It’s crazy how people have made up in their minds that he did it.

    2. Just because she can’t prove he did it, doesn’t mean he didnt. How do you prove someone molested you four years prior? Anyone who molests a child is not going to do it with witnesses around. I believe that more girls are going to come out of the woodworks about him. He seems slow/ mentally challenged. and the type to talk to young girls. He attacked Yandys cousin for nothing. WHY? Because he can fathom a family member sleeping with her. Why? Because he did it. He molested that girl. No matter what the court says.

    3. I think its sad that people are always willing to believe the worst in others. I like Mendeecees because he seems like a very genuine dude. I love the way he is with his kids and the love he displays for Yandy! If ppl were really paying attention to him, you’d understand that he takes responsibility for his past mistakes, but has been trying to live right ever since. Love you Yandy and know that things will happen the way they are suppose to. Your family will be fine. Stay Strong Sweetie!

  2. Sadly, he’s going to be guilty to a lot of people despite him being acquitted. That’s the kind of country we live in. She’s going to have to get used to these kinds of comments.

  3. People are so judge mental!!! Who are y’all to say he did it??? And lets be real he dated her mom n she claim she had NO IDEA he was in the industry and four years later she say he molested her??? Doesnt add up.

  4. We are on the out side looking in we don’t know detail. By detail .. so how can the public say he is guilty..we only hear little detail..yandy f-ck what they saying ..the judge cleared him that’s the only person that count..u believe he didnt do it so its you and him not yall and other people….sh-t I pray he get off on his other charges too …people always got something negative. To say ..I like o boy and I love y’all together..keep your head up and keep faith ..I wish you and your family the best

  5. The reason why he didn’t get charged is because that girl shouldv’e been said something if he was doing stuff to her. She’s four years a little too late. If she would have said something four years ago. She should have been smarter than that.

  6. Yandy stay strong mama. Whats funny to me is how people always believe the bad before the good. I like Mandeecees because of the the way he is with his kids and the love he displays for Yandy. He seems genuine to me. He didn’t come on the show being messy. No one questioned his role. We all knew where he stood. So if ppl were paying attention to him, they know that he has made mistakes in his past and taken responsibility for those mistakes, but has turned his life around to be a better man. Yandy, know that your family will be fine.

    1. Hey girl don’t live for haters! U know what’s up that’s it love yourself, God and your family! Don’t lives like your haters “shoulda,would a, and by themselves! Have several seats haters!

  7. Hey girl don’t live for haters! U know what’s up that’s it love yourself, God and your family! Don’t lives like your haters “shoulda,would a, and by themselves! Have several seats haters!

  8. What teenage has a enough time and reason behind making up a story like this… When men do things like this to younger counterparts, its not about sex, it’s about control. People can be so dumb with issues like this and that’s why there are so many messed up adults in society because no one listened to them as kids! He did something to that lil girl or we would not be on this post today ladies and gents!

    1. No the b-tch just wanted some money thinking he was going to pay her but why would he if he was innocent god had his back that’s why his free today

  9. A 15 year old girl knows what shes doing and she liked it if it did happen look how many young girls out here having babys I really dont think he did it but if he did she liked it and now its all about who he is and that’s why its four yrs later lol and with the drug case there is so much of that now a days its all just f-cked up some get away with it and some dont …… some change and some dont…….. I believe he was a family man now hope for the best for him and family! Keep ur head up yandy

  10. all im sayin is God knows wat happen alone with Mandeecees and the child it could be that he has a lil money now and they see a way to get paid but it fell sad how ppl want to get rich off lies Yandy just do wat u do stand by ur man girl and brush the haters off real talk

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