Rick Ross Finally Breaks His Silence on Drive by Shooting Incident

rick ross drive by
Photo Credit: @richforever Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rick Ross has had a crazy couple of months. The rapper and head honcho of Maybach Music Group has basically been a wanted man according to the streets, and this has been confirmed through a series of video threats made by members of notorious street gang Gangster Disciples. The gang is reportedly angry with the rapper for using their founder’s name in his lyrics and using their symbols for his album cover. It was rumored that the threats were the reason several of his concerts were cancelled late last year, but Rick Ross denied the claims in a recent interview and even confirmed that he wasn’t taking the threats seriously because “real gangsters move in silence.” It’s possible that it could have been those comments that intensified the violent situation that Rick Ross has found himself in the middle of.

Not too long after canceling some of his concerts and denying that he had anything to worry about safety wise, Rick Ross was shot at multiple times as he and a female passenger sat in his car. Luckily for Rick Ross, he nor his passenger suffered any injuries. However, many including his nemesis rapper 50 Cent, expressed that they thought the whole ordeal was nothing more than a publicity stunt because they couldn’t understand how someone could be that close to their intended target and not even as much as put any bullet holes in the vehicle.

His artist Wale made it clear that he felt the incident was very real, however, Rick Ross has stayed silent…until now.

During his red carpet appearance last night at the Grammys, he tells Sway of MTV when asked if there are any new developments in the situation:

“Not at all, not at all. No suspects and we’re not here to speculate on any suspects. I’m just staying positive, I’m moving forward and I’m just staying on top of my game. MMG. We got the biggest releases of the year, this year, coming. That’s my focus and I’m here — you most definitely got to make some adjustments [to your security] but at the same time, I’m gonna live my life and do what I love to do and that’s make music.”


Check out the clip of the interview below:


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