Did CBS Use Fake Applause After Chris Brown’s Album was Announced at the Grammys?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown and Rihanna made headlines when they sat next to each other and cuddled at the Grammy Awards. Although the couple didn’t walk the red carpet together, everyone seemed to be shocked that they had no qualms about sitting next to each other on the four-year anniversary of their violent ending. Rihanna confirmed that they were back on as a couple in her Rolling Stone interview, yet people still couldn’t believe that she showed up to court with him at his probation hearing last week. It’s pretty obvious that Rihanna really has forgiven Chris for assaulting her in 2009, yet, it seems like so many of their critics just can’t seem to do the same. And perhaps it’s harder for people to move on because Chris is doing very little to show that there has been any growth on his end, especially when he is still engaging in physical altercations with other artists, and even having rants on Twitter and Instagram.

Chris didn’t win a Grammy and actually lost to his nemesis Frank Ocean, but some people who watched the awards show noticed that he didn’t seem to get as many cheers as Miguel and Frank Ocean when his name and album were announced for best urban contemporary album.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the applause for Chris was so low during the actual taping that the network felt compelled to use an applause track during the televised broadcast.

This has not been confirmed or denied by the network as of yet, nor is Chris’ camp speaking out on the rumor.


  1. Well the applause was STILL low so either CBS’ track sucked or his most of his fan base couldn’t afford or get a hookup to attend the show. I was thinking it was low when I was watching it.

  2. I think other celebs are too scared to show Chris support in public except C & D listers. His applause definitely wasn’t as energetic as Frank and Miguel’s was. If he gets back to the music and stays out of trouble, things could get better. But he has to do his part.

  3. Chris should have just kept his hands to himself. People are never going to let him move on. And him being with Rihanna again just made it worse. They won’t stop until they can run him out of the industry completely. Sad.

    1. I agree that being back with Rihanna is going to hurt him more than her. People see her as just being a victim and going back, but the reunion is a reminder of what he did every time they are pictured together.

  4. I’m rooting for this kid. So many people want him to fail. Had he kept his hands to himself that night, he would be in a much better place in his career.

  5. Sadly, the “In” thing to do in our society is to hate Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown, and Nicki MInaj with a passion. At the end of the day, they are all still people with feelings. People need to let Chris live.

  6. LOL this is hilarious to me!!!! Chris didn’t get a lot of cheers, but his fan base is why he still has a music career. As long as they ride for him, he will be fine. Same thing with Rihanna. As long as her fans go hard, she can survive taking Chris back. But in the meantime, the negative press they get sure is entertaining during the work day. It’s all just entertainment to me.

  7. Chris will never be able to redeem himself because he made a very bad mistake after he hit Rihanna (that was bad enough). When the paps snapped pics of him cheesing hard and riding on a jet ski like two days later, I knew it was a wrap. The media remembers that more that that pic of Rihanna’s bloodied face.

    1. I completely agree with this. All of this! I always figured that was the actual final nail in the coffin for him. Everything else is just extras.

  8. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did and that they use these tracks for all parts of their award shows they air.

  9. Didnt she say a time before she was at “puffy” house with him in Miami during that jet ski picture? I cant pin point that story. He made headlines but Im pretty sure she hit him first and the fight escalated. That fight was the only one that went public…because there was a police report of her busting out the truck window and her kicking him in the nuts during another fight. So, they been abusing each other we only got that public fight. He is not the only one to blame in this situation. Sadly to say they will prob kill each other, their love “lust” is tainted!

  10. Its so easy to forgive him because she’s not a victim – she knows what happened that night. He’s not an abuser in the formal sense – they had a FIGHT meaning TWO or more people were FIGHTING. Most Caribbean women are used to running their men. I’m Trini so don’t bash me. That wasn’t the first time they fought – rumor has it their relationship was volitile before due to his infidelities. She was probably smacking him and mushing him and that night things went left. Chris has been wearing that “abuser” title since then. He’s had other relationships and you don’t hear them coming forward saying anything about him or his temperament being anything other than cool. I do wish him well – he can do better than Rihanna. If they weren’t famous – they would have been back together before all of this.

    1. Rihanna stated in her Rolling stone interview that there had been “8-9 Domestic Abuse incidents” BEFORE that 2009 altercation….So, yes, Mr. Brown is a abuser.

      1. Did she state who the abuser was? Cause all 8 or 9 of them disputes could have been her putting her hands on him! Believe me, if he was that abusive to her, she wouldn’t be back with him. It’s funny to me how people care so much about their domestic violence situation but don’t give a damn about their next door neighbor or sister or mother that’s getting the crap beaten out of them everyday! There is way more to their situation than any of us will ever know, so people should just let them be.

        1. Did she state who the abuser was? You mean you think that this chick let more that one guy beat the Hell out of her? No, she was asked about it in reference to Chris…She meant Chris. Done.

  11. Poor Chris (rolling eyes) …whatever. Damn just when you think there’s something else to report. Anyway I find it comical how these females act as though they never reacted when they felt or caught their man creeping. Gtfoh…. just because it wasn’t reported doesn’t mean it didn’t happened (with the other girls) . So please with that crap. Their life regardles.

  12. @the realest 514, it seems Rihanna can do better. Alot of weak-minded women would put up with Chris’s sh#t for the privileges of being with him. His childish, arrogant, temperamental attitude speaks for itself.

  13. He made a mistake and has more than paid for it. People act like they were never young and dumb. He didn’t kill her nor has he hit her again. Sorry but I just don’t see this as a one sided fight and I never did. But what kills me is that Charlie Sheen gets a pass. He beat the hell out of Denise Richards and shot Kelly Preston in the leg and his punishment, he gets a world tour and a new tv show. I guess when you are a black celebrity its all good! GTFOOH

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