Lil Kim to Sue TLC for Allowing Ex Boyfriend’s Baby Mama to ‘Defame’ Her on Show?

Photo Credit: @lilkimthequeenbee Instagram
Photo Credit: @lilkimthequeenbee Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality television is meant to be controversial and as a result, it’s no surprise that a network aways stands the possibility to rack up in lawsuits when they allow people to spill tea or even make strong accusations regarding other people who are not on the show to defend themselves. When K. Michelle told the world that she was allegedly abused by her former boyfriend Memphitz, he filed a lawsuit against VH1 and Mona Scott Young. Although it’s rumored that he withdrew the suit, court records show he actually re-filed the suit in a different court. Now it appears that TLC’s new reality show Starter Wives Confidential may also invoke some lawsuits against the network, especially since the premise of the show is exes of celebs who are “moving on” and also making lots of accusations about their exes in the process.

Khloe Kardashian has already made her feelings known about the show and her husband Lamar Odom’s baby mama on her Twitter account, but now it seems that rapper Lil Kim may make her feelings known by filing a lawsuit. According to Momma’s Dirty Little Secret, the female rapper is said to be furious that her ex boyfriend rapper Maino’s baby mama has been talking about her negatively on the show. Rumor even has it that Lil Kim wants to file suit for defamation of character and slander because she feels like what’s being said about her is bad for her reputation.

Apparently Maino was being a sneaky man, and dated both women at the same time. We’re not sure what comments were made by Maino’s baby mama Zakia Baum because we haven’t watched the show yet, but from what we hear, Zakia has no qualms speaking her mind about anyone…including the Queen Bee. She also made it known on Twitter she’s not worried about Lil Kim filing a lawsuit and doubts she’ll actually do it (read from top to bottom):

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  1. But when is Kim going to make another album? She’s been working on one for the last 3 years! I need that bish to get focused!!!!

  2. This show is terrible. It’s like watching paint dry. No need to sue Kim. It won’t even be renewed for another season. IJS.

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