Producers Want Karrueche for Love and Hip Hop?

Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram
Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Could Love and Hip Hop be the next move for Karrueche? The up and coming model and ex girlfriend to Chris Brown has made it clear that she is moving on from what was perceived as some sort of twisted love triangle, and she’s even been spotted partying with the likes of Drake and Diddy since Chris Brown and Rihanna confirmed that they are back together. The couple’s recent appearance and snuggling session at the Grammys was a true indicator that Karrueche not only needs to move forward in her love life, but she also needs to move on in her career. She confirmed recently that she did land a modeling contract from a commercial agency in New York, and she’s been doing shoots quite often for the last couple of months. While we’re not sure what the status is on the fashion line she has with Chris (The Kill), it’s being speculated that she’s become a hot favorite for producers of reality shows. Most specifically, it’s rumored that she’s wanted for Love and Hip Hop New York.

According to Gossip We Love, producers of Love and Hip Hop have been trying to reach out to Karrueche and convince her to sign up for the show. Apparently they are hoping that they can get her to tell her story that involves Rihanna and Chris Brown on the reality series. It’s said that Karrueche isn’t sold on the idea as of yet (and may never be) considering that she and Chris are still on good terms. She doesn’t seem to be comfortable with potentially ruining their friendship just for a spot on the show.

Interestingly enough, she still found time to party with current Love and Hip Hop star Tahiry the other night:

Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram
Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram


But we seriously doubt that Karrueche will do the show, but only time will tell.


  1. Oh no. I like Karrueche, but she needs to keep herself mysterious. Especially if she wants to be a real model. Once you do reality TV, your brand is forever cheapened.

  2. She needs to pass up on this. Pull an Amber Rose and upgrade her dating roster. Chris is falling off anyway. He needed to be back with Rihanna.

      1. Not really. She has a man that worships her now and doesn’t tell her what to wear and how to act. And she gets to be a housewife. Sounds like an upgrade to me.

  3. Mona must be desperate. Is viewership that low? I’m sure Chris made Kae sign some kind of confidentiality agreement to keep the real dirt from ever being told.

  4. I don’t feel like she’ll say anything worth tuning into watching for. Her personality is so bleh and boring. She would be about as entertaining as Emily B. Its like watching paint dry.

  5. i love karrueche tran and i hate rihanna and i am starting 2 dislike chris ever seens he dumped beauifully karrueche in the way he did at least now he wont need a tv when ever rihanna is around all he needs is a projecter and her cant watch on rihanna massive forhead that ulgy hoe she haas been with everone that will f-cking take her in the industry hoe

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