Jermaine Dupri Speaks on Rumors That He Cheated on Janet Jackson

Photo Credit: Power 105.1
Photo Credit: Power 105.1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson had a public romance that lasted almost ten years.  Despite how long their relationship lasted, a lot of people felt the pair was an odd match, especially since Janet Jackson is one of the most beautiful women in the music industry. Due to the fierceness that is Janet Jackson, a lot of people felt like Jermaine might have been out of his league. Regardless of the criticism, it was clear that they found happiness in one another for quite some time. Problems for the former couple began to arise when their relationship began to get professional, as Janet sought Jermaine’s help with creating new music. The new music Jermaine produced for Janet didn’t do so well commercially, not to mention some were even suggesting that Jermaine wasn’t being faithful to Janet.

Neither Janet nor Jermaine really explained the breakup, and since then, Janet has moved on and is now engaged to be married to billionaire Wissam Al Mana.

Jermaine has been rumored to be dealing with some money issues, and as of now, he’s been pretty busy promoting his upcoming So So Def Reunion concert in Atlanta. He stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about the show, and even discussed his former relationship with Janet Jackson.

Jermaine explains why he got a tattoo of Janet:

“Janet’s a part of my life that means a lot. I’m tattoo’ed up by the way, not to mention every part of me is tattooed. Before I had the [Janet] tattoo, my mother said, ‘Why you got all these white people on you that you don’t know?’ That’s a crazy question if somebody ask you that. I got Al Capone, I got Scarface, I got all these people on me…It just hit me one day, I date somebody that’s famous, let me make a tattoo.”


When asked about rumors that suggest he cheated on Janet, he says:

“Oh yeah, So what, that’s what you heard? People just make up anything, right? It sounds good. No. We was together nine years. That a long time. That’s like marriage. i’m a young dude. I’m gonna leave it at that. You know what I mean? I’m a young dude in the entertainment business. My life is crazy sometimes.”


Check out the interview below:


  1. Sounds like he did cheat. I’m glad Janet moved on. He just sounds like he is not mature. Isn’t he in his 40s now?

  2. Hmm…it sounds like hes just covering up for being immature. You’re not a yound dude JD. Looks like Janet needed a real man ans with his current money issues, she didn’t want any part of that. I did learn something new, I never knew that they were together for 9 years. Surprised they didn’t get married.

    1. Cosign. If a man dates you for 9 years and doesn’t propose, it’s definitely time to move on. She did the right thing.

  3. Janet has moved on and now it’s understandable why. He is very immature, He called himself a “young dude” but he’s in his 40s. WTF.

  4. Sir, you are d*mn near 76, not 16. Chime this all the way down. I still have no idea what Janet was thinking. Praise God for discernment and doing better…

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