Rihanna Gets Weed for Valentine’s Day?

chris brown and rihanna
Photo Credit: @f*ckyopictures Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been confirmed recently that Chris Brown and Rihanna are indeed back together. After many months of speculation and drama from a rumored love triangle, Rihanna has confirmed herself that she is now back together with Chris and no longer worried about how the public feels about their relationship. Although Rihanna claims that Chris has changed, he hasn’t made that statement easy for others to believe since he’s been in trouble several times since the couple reconciled their romance. Although the singer escaped charges and jail time for his brawl with Frank Ocean (Frank decided against pressing charges), he may now find himself in jail if the D.A. is able to convince the judge that Chris lied about his completed community service hours that are required for his probation. Despite that, Rihanna wasn’t afraid to show her support and showed up to court with Chris Brown on the day of his hearing.

Now that they are back on, many of Rihanna’s fans were curious to learn what the couple did for Valentine’s Day. Many expected some kind of grand display of romance from the two since they have gotten cutesy several times in the past on their Instagram accounts, but instead, it appears that Chris might have given Rihanna a gift that most people weren’t expecting.

Rihanna took to her Instagram account to show off her Valentine’s Day gift from Chris, and instead of the typical gifts like jewelry, candy, bears or flowers; it looks like he may have gotten her weed. Or at least Rihanna wants her fans to believe that.

She posted the following photo and caption:

rihanna chris brown instagram


Now Rihanna could have been joking, but it didn’t stop some of her own fans from expressing their frustration with her for posting the photo.


  1. Sigh…we get it. She loves to smoke weed! A lot of people do. But they don’t have to post it on their IG account everyday like she does. I’m starting to think she smokes weed for the attention.

  2. I’m waiting for the day she actually gets real and posts a picture of crack rocks and cocaine residue. That’s what I think they are really on…

  3. I just wonder why Rihanna isn’t throwing her relationship in Kae’s face anymore. I guess it wasn’t what she thought it would be now that she has him again. I don’t see a spark anymore.

  4. So what she talks about/hell even smokes weed. That’s all the male rappers rap about,brag about in every damn song. Drugs.In case you don’t remember, Snoop, Wayne, Ross!! Where’s the complaint about that. Forgot, it’s Rihanna …smh. anyway

    1. No, it’s just statements about weed today. There are plenty of reasons to bash Rihanna if people wanted to. Read through the articles and watch her make one stupid decision after another. If celebrities don’t want to be judged for their mistakes then they shouldn’t put their broken lives on display so often, it is what it is. But hey, she’s got the “navy”, her weed, and Chris Brown (sometimes) right?

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