TLC Says Starter Wives Confidential Was Cancelled Due to Low Ratings

Photo Credit: TLC
Photo Credit: TLC

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we recently reported, Starter Wives Confidential has been cancelled. When the news of the TLC newest reality show’s demise began to spread to the urban blogs, only speculation could shed some light onto why the show didn’t make it. One of the biggest speculations behind the show was rumors of impending lawsuits, as it’s been rumored that female emcee Lil Kim was considering filing a suit against the network because she felt her ex boyfriend Maino’s baby mama was “defaming” her character. Then of course rapper 50 Cent had his lawyers contact TLC and have his baby mama Shaniqua’s footage stripped from the series, so many began to speculate that 50 was the one behind the show’s cancellation. The rapper didn’t help things when he jokingly took to his Twitter account and told his followers that he was the one that shut the show down.

We told you that we figured it could probably be due to low ratings. Although the premise of the show was pretty juicy, it appears that not enough people were watching the show. In fact, the series seemed to average under 500,000 viewers per episode.

Welp, it looks like TLC might have confirmed things. They sent over a statement to TMZ and told the  website that the show just wasn’t bringing in enough viewers to survive not getting placed on its chopping block.

TLC tells TMZ:

“Unfortunately, due to the low ratings, the remaining episodes will not air on TLC, but will be viewable on

“The decision by TLC isn’t personal, although I know it is to you all, and for that we are very sorry. You ladies gave your all to the show and everyone at TLC is very disappointed that the viewers didn’t take this ride with us.”


We’re thinking the show may not have been promoted enough by the network. The series might have actually done well had it been on VH1 instead, since a similar show, Hollywood Exes, will be returning for its second season.


  1. Whoa. Under 500,000! That’s just awful. Yeah, it wasn’t promoted enough and definitely wasn’t on the right network.

  2. The show sucked, 50 ain’t shut that mess down. Heck, how could he stop beefin’ with Money Mayweather enough to stop their bm’s from being on this show?

  3. So why were these ladies acting like they didn’t know why the show was being cancelled. Theie ratings suck. It wasn’t a good look. It made them all seem weak and pathetic. I wonder never give my ex the satisfaction of knowing I was so distraught because he left. Break ups happen all the time. Go cry in you room with your door closed, get a job, and move the heck on. It’s life.

  4. The big difference with Starter Wives and Hollywood Exes is that the Hollywood Exes have their ish together. The didn’t let a relationship define them. They were on tv crying over how some man did them wrong. They were success stories. The Starter Wives came off as pathetic rejects. I think they went about it wrong. They should have showed them living life to the fullest and showing their exes it’s their loss for not having them in their lives. I watched the shows and said, I know these dudes are happy to be rid of these women.

  5. “Money and the Power, Money and the Power, I ain’t falling short cause I got and the powerrrrrrrrrr” ! Scarface the rapper GETO Boys! Go fifty it’s your birthday! What people will do for the love of money! He did ask in his record? Do you think about me? lol! I would have never fuked with a broke n-gg and got kicked out my mansion for around the way “Dude” bringing that around my child. Fifty should do a show called “You Got Played” ! Anytime you go back to wearing Reeboks, evicted from your mansion and have to pay rent for staying because of a broke fella! You got Played. I just want the credit for the show title. I love you Fifty. I wish I could have been your baby’s mama! lol. We with the Adidas in Boston; you know a East coast thang!!!

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