Joe Budden’s Girlfriend Kaylin Regrets Being Too Understanding About Tahiry?

Photo Credit: @kaylin_garcia Instagram
Photo Credit: @kaylin_garcia Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose have been broken up for two years, but on Love and Hip Hop, it appears that there may be plenty of unfinished business between them. Joe is currently working on finally kicking his drug addiction, and although he’s in a romantic relationship with Kaylin Garcia, his ex girlfriend Tahiry is very much a part of the process. On the show, she even has a serious sit down conversation with Joe and his mother about him finally ridding himself of drug abuse. Fans of the show can’t seem to understand how Joe’s current main squeeze can be okay with Tahiry still being involved in Joe’s life to such a huge extent. But on the show, she remains calm about the situation and very trusting to Joe. That was until she got popped in the face by Tahiry on the last episode.

Tahiry has already humiliated Kaylin on Instagram and even uploaded screenshots of recent text messages from Joe that she deems inappropriate for a man in a committed relationship. Although Kaylin has been taking the high road on the situation for a good minute, it appears that looking at herself on TV the other day may be getting to her (not to mention all the criticism she gets on Twitter and Instagram for being what many feel is too understanding).

The other day, she admitted that she now regrets being too open-minded and understanding.

She tweets (read from the top to bottom):

kaylin garcia twitter kaylin garcia twitter 2


According to the latest gossip, Kaylin is completely embarrassed about how she’s being portrayed on TV. We wonder if she regrets Joe signing up for Love and Hip Hop these days. However, Joe’s new stint on reality TV may be one of the reasons he just got his first number one album.


  1. I actually love them together. But yeah, she’s way too cool with Tahiry being around. Joe should be confiding in HER not Tahiry when it comes to the whole Molly situation. Something is wrong with that.

  2. It looks like Tahiry is the one blowing things out of proportion. I don’t think Joe wants to be with her, I just think he wants a friendship. Tahiry is one of those chicks that thinks a man wants her just because he’s being cordial.

  3. She’s a pushover. There’s no reason an ex should be that involved in your man’s life. She’s young and she has a lot to learn. Tahiry is old and has a lot to learn so hey, she’s not that bad off. She could be worse…like Tahiry.

  4. Couldn’t be me. She should have checked the situation a long time ago. Now Tahiry has no kind of respect for their relationship.

  5. I like Kaylin. I can’t understand why Tahiry is around so much either and why Joe’s mother would go to her and not Kaylin to help Joe with his drug problem. Kaylin seems like a really nice lady and I’m rooting for her!

  6. Hmmmm. . .maybe the mom went to tahory about joes problem cause she may like her better and he only been with kaylin for 5 months she used to tahiry being around and kaylin childish she was dan near about to cry wen she an tahiry were arguing and when she got that a-s popped she cried team tahiry. . .sorry kaylin not f-cking wit it doe tahiry handled that sh-t like a grown woman kaylin tried to swing when she thought tahiry was turning her back. . .with her punk a-s joe mom loves tahiry joe budden still love tahiry he blows up her phone and popped up at her job unexpected on the show. . .sorry I just think a mf hating on tahiry kaylin a lil a-s girl b-tch swerve

  7. Kaylin is old enough to know better she is not a child!! To be frank JOE should of let Tahiry know what it was long time ago

  8. I don’t personally see how anyone is mad at tahiry yes she goes about things wrong sometimes but if you can’t see this is a hurt girl who is still in love with her ex and is trying to get rid of him to move on but he keeps pulling her back your all blind. It’s hard to walk away when your heart is standing outside your front door. I think everyone’s mad at the wrong person

  9. Everyone is commenting on Tahiry’s age when she is only 33. Isnt Joe Budden that old or more? Kaylin is the one that is too young. She is like a child to Joe and Tahiry and that child need to GO AND SIT DOWN SOME WHERE. Just read she has moved out! Very good cus a mature thing to do is find out what your man wants before you worry about what his ex wants. Kaylin is letting a grown man play her and use her for insurance to make him feel good at home until his real love who he really wants comes back. Kaylin is got alot of growing up to do and she needs to get her own place and stay out of grown folks business! Joe and Tahiry are in Love. It is obvious! Joe told Raqui the other episode that Tahiry came close to being his wife! He even proposed to her before. Im glad with his drug problem Tahiry did not say yes. Tahiry is a strong woman that dated Joe for 5 years and she just knows him better. TAHIRY HOLDS JOE DOWN AND THE QUICKER KAYLIN REALIZES THIS THE BETTER! Sorry but the truth hurts! Case and point at the reunion Consequence hit joe and Tahiry punch Consequence! She defended her man! Boom! Deal with it!

    1. Ok when you say stay out of grown folks business, you need to realize Kaylin is grown also. And who give any form of a bull’s nutsack if they in love. Kaylin didn’t know that Joe was the one that deceived her. Amd saying Kaylin is young is why she dont deserve love is stupidity in its finest. And Joe relapsed with drugs while he was with Tahiry not while his was with Kaylin, now who really hold you down.

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