Is Tami Roman Leaving Basketball Wives?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Is Tami Roman leaving Basketball Wives? Tami Roman became a reality TV show star as apart of on Basketball Wives Miami. And she earned the crown for being the biggest bully on the show after she was caught on camera slapping former cast mate Meeka Claxton in the face and snatching up Kesha Nichols’ purse, holding it hostage, driving Kesha to pure tears. Her antics on the show caused Tami to get heavily criticized. And though she got blasted for her bullying ways, Tami has said numerous times that she has turned over a new leaf and that viewers are not going to see the violence and drama that Basketball Wives became most famous for. Yet and still, Tami has accumulated a fan base and the thought of Tami Roman leaving Basketball Wives was not something that viewers would think they would be seeing happen anytime soon because of it.

But it looks like that might be changing as Tami has landed a new gig outside of BBW as she is now starring in the TV One sitcom ‘Belle’s’, attempting to her get her scripted acting career off the ground, though many people are sold on the idea that reality TV shows are scripted too. Royce Reed revealed that she was moving on from Basketball Wives, along with Kesha Nichols and Jennifer Williams.

And now Tami Roman is singing that same song as she tells VIBE Vixen TV that the upcoming season of the show is most likely going to be her last so that she can turn her focus to the “bigger and better things” that she has going on:

“It will probably be my last season, if Vh1 will let us just bow out gracefully. I’m looking forward to doing bigger and better things. More scripted programming and actually moving behind the camera as well, writing and directing.”

Peep the clip below:


  1. She just got that spot on that show. And as dry as it was when I tried to watch it, it may not make it past the first season. Not to mention her acting was subpar. She’s not ready to walk away from reality TV.

  2. I think it’s safe to say BBW is on it’s way out. Not just because Tami wants out but it just seems like too much damage has been done. I think this might end up being the last season.

  3. She wants to act now huh? I sure hope her behavior on BBW won’t hurt her opportunities. When will these women learn that a reality TV check isn’t worth the damage done to their image?

  4. Tami’s whole career has basically been reality television. She’ll probably just end up on another reality show and act ratchet once the money stops rolling in.

  5. I don’t like her new show. I’m kind of ready for the whole reality TV era to end. Too many basic chicks are walking around thinking they’re important. It must end.

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