Floyd Mayweather’s Baby Mama Thinks He Won’t Marry His Fiancée

Photo Credit: TLC
Photo Credit: TLC

By: Taren Vaughan

Floyd Mayweather‘s baby mama Josie Harris snagged her spot on the short-lived reality TV show Starter Wives Confidential on TLC. And unlike Josie, some of the other women casted on the show had a tough time dealing with their exes and their attempt to keep them from moving forward with the show, one of them even taking credit for the show’s early cancellation. The low ratings for SWC were said to be the reason behind the show being cancelled. However that hasn’t stopped Josie Harris, or Tashera Simmons, from speaking out. Talking with VLADTV, Josie Harris addressed the real beef that she has with Floyd’s fiancée Shantel and her thoughts about their engagement and potential to get married.  And when asked if she has any type of relationship with Shantel, Josie says:

“No, I don’t. And you know what, it’s, I have, I will admit this, I have a little bit of animosity because I made a few phone calls to her when Floyd and I were living together. And she did everything in her power to play her position and tell me ‘No, we’re not dating’. And I’m not just blaming it on her. I know it takes two. But you know, here I am, I’m a woman with young children and another child that was out of another relationship. And I’m trying my best to, you know, keep my family together. And for women that just don’t have any respect for that, it’s hard to respect them, you know, after the fact.”

Although Josie doesn’t have her own relationship with Shantel, she says that Floyd has now started to bring their children around his fiancée and that they have nothing but nice things to say about Shantel and how she treats them. She also gives Floyd props on being a good dad to their kids:

“She just recently started, he just recently started bringing them around her. And from what the kids tell me, you know, they say that she’s nice and that they don’t have any problems with her. So that makes me happy because it makes me comfortable sending my kids with him and her, or whoever it is that he’s with…He’s a good dad so I think he’s got great judgment.”

Josie admitted in a previous interview of hers that she was still sleeping with Floyd despite him being engaged to Shantel Jackson. And she reminds folks again that she doesn’t care how Shantel feels about it because of what Shantel did to her in the past while she was with Floyd:

“I don’t care, I don’t. You know what, I feel like she didn’t have any type of respect for me, with a woman who had three children that was living with somebody that was my best friend that I loved to death since I met him when I was 16. So if this is the hour that I should be giving a f*ck, it’s probably not a good time to be expecting me to.”

Josie goes on to say that she thinks Floyd’s engagement is a stunt that he pulled because he was about to face a judge in court and wanted to prove that he was a stable man. And as far as him and his fiancée getting married, Josie thinks that won’t be happening as she doesn’t see Floyd getting married to Shantel or anybody else for that matter:

“I don’t think that Floyd is probably ever going to get married…Um, I think Floyd is a very um, how do I say this nicely? You know I think Floyd has a lot going on for himself right now. And marriage is a huge commitment and Floyd likes his freedom. So you know, I think he likes to keep his women at bay and accessible. As far as marriage…maybe down the line, I mean, I’m not sure. I can’t answer that for him. But not anytime soon, no.”

Peep Josie Harris’ interview below:


  1. I’m so glad their show got cancelled! These women are bitter, miserable, and absolutely pathetic!!!! She needs to move on with her life.

  2. This woman needs a backbone and whole bunch of common sense! She sounds so stupid. Yes, he cheated and ole girl is foul BUT at what point will she realize that she still has to get over it?! She’s ridiculous.

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