Kenya Bell and Suzie Ketcham Fight on Set of Basketball Wives

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did Kenya Bell and Suzie Ketcham fight on the set of Basketball Wives? It was made clear on season four of Basketball Wives that Kenya Bell was not positively received by most of the ladies on the reality series. For a couple of Kenya’s cast mates, things seemed to get a little too personal, and eventually it was pretty obvious that Evelyn Lozada and Suzie Ketcham didn’t care for her too much. Thanks to Evelyn’s quick temper, it didn’t take long for Evelyn Lozada to toss a wine bottle at Kenya after Evelyn got word that Kenya made some remarks about her reputation. But in all of Kenya’s drama with the girls, Suzie seemed to always be at the center of it.

Rumors have been flying around for months about Kenya’s status on Basketball Wives. While some sources are claiming that Kenya has been confirmed to return for season five, some are claiming that Kenya got her walking papers with Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams, and Kesha Nichols.

The show’s executive producer Shaunie O’Neal vowed to make sure that the next season of Basketball Wives wouldn’t be so negative and violent, and for the last few months, Evelyn and Tami have been insisting in interviews that the show is really taking a positive direction and focusing on different sides of each cast member. If the latest report from TMZ contains any truth, it appears that things may not have changed at all. The website claims that sometime last week Kenya Bell and Suzie Ketcham fought on the set.

Sources close to the production set of Basketball Wives tell TMZ that the fight occurred at a restaurant in LA . Apparently Kenya was brought back briefly (as a guest appearance) to settle her “beef” with Suzie (although it still has not been confirmed that Kenya was let go). At some point in the conversation turned shouting match, it’s alleged that Suzie threw a plate of meatballs at Kenya. It is said that Kenya then lunged at Suzie, and both ladies began throwing punches before security broke up the brawl.

The website also reports that Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman just walked away from the scene wanting no parts of the drama, while police were not called.


  1. Let’s be honest. If BBW ever does get classy and positive with no kind of controversy, the show will immediately be cancelled due to low ratings. The ladies on this show have nothing else going on that would make watching interesting. At least on RHOA they all have real careers and real relationships that are just as intriguing as their cat fights.

  2. Wait, they fired Kenya?! Why?! I’m convinced Shaunie just kicked off any and everyone who didn’t kiss her a-s. She’s so lame.

    1. Oh yeah, Shaunie def fired everyone she didn’t like. Had nothing to do with who was causing the trouble. She’s low key just as ratchet as Tami and Evelyn are. Birds of a feather…literally!

  3. I knew they would still be fighting. Now that it can’t be Tami and Evelyn anymore, they got skinny a-s Suzie trying to be hood. I can’t with this show…

  4. This show is done. I don’t think the ratings are going to be there this time around. I’m getting tired of the same plot lines over and over, which consists of fighting in restaurants over the most pettiest situations. Anyone watching Scandal tho? I love that show. I might cut back on all of these reality shows. There’s better things to watch.

    1. Girl Scandal is my joint!!!! I’m wit you though, I’m getting back into scripted shows too. I think reality TV is losing its touch.

  5. So Suzie has switched roles from being the instigator and causing fights to the one who is actually fighting. Crazy.

  6. i dont see how next season will be better :less negative , violent : because you r still going to have the main characters on the set! evelyn, tammy , and run her mouth suzie ! wow reallyl

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