Is Kenya Moore’s Booty Real? Kenya Speaks

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Taren Vaughan

Is Kenya Moore‘s booty real? Kenya Moore has had her fallouts with some of her cast mates although the newbie to RHOA has been credited as the reason for the show’s high ratings this season. Her relationship with Walter Jackson was exposed as a fake though Kenya claimed otherwise, a relationship the others on the show were puzzled about and one that brought on a lot of questions. And now if Kenya Moore‘s is booty real is the big question surrounding the reality TV star. Kenya’s feud with Phaedra Parks over Phaedra and her husband’s workout DVD resulted in them firing shots at each other on their personal blogs, Kenya eventually putting together her own fitness DVD ‘Booty Boot Camp’. But then their beef got turned up a notch when Phaedra blasted Kenya for allegedly having a fake butt as Phaedra said Kenya would need to have a real one in order to put out a workout DVD centered around butts.  After Phaedra Parks’ comments got out, the question of Kenya Moore’s booty being real came up as many were led to think that the former Miss USA was not 100% genuine in the booty department. Talking with Anderson Cooper, Kenya Moore was asked about Phaedra’s comments about her booty not being real. And Kenya responded by saying that Phaedra was lying, Kenya saying that Phaedra is known for doing that:

“Well you know who can believe anything that Phaedra says. First of all, on the show, she called me an alcoholic and I’ve never been drunk a day in my life. She said that I was bipolar, you know. And now all of a sudden, I do a competing video, ‘Oh,  her booty’s fake’. So you know, Phaedra, that’s what she does. She lies.”

Kenya also adds that she doesn’t know why Phaedra had to go there about her butt being fake as she feels they were both trying to do some positive in helping people get in shape.

Peep the clip below:


  1. So basically Phadera ain’t lyin cause she didn’t deny the fact that her booty is fake. I mean everything about her is fake so…………

  2. I can’t stand Kenya… She thinks she’s all that, she goes on and on about her being Mis America,, opps I mean Mis USA,,, in 1993!!!! Girl plzzzz that was almost 2 decades ago!!!!!! Ur fake eyes fake boobs and fake booty!!!! Ur loud u don’t let anyone else talk and u can’t keep a man!!!! U run everyone away from u!!! U will most likely be alone the rest of ur life, just running ppl away w/ ur attitude… And we here in Chicago think u do need medicine!!!!! Us Latinas can’t even stand watching the show because ur on it!!!!! Be real Kenya ur so fake!!!

  3. Everyone is so quick to talk about Kenya, downgrade her and put her down but Kenya isn’t the one who claims to be a friend, but has proven otherwise….It doesn’t matter if her butt is real or fake…No one else is talking about other stars who have fake butts, noses, lips, eyelashes, etc,. Why does it matter if she has it ?
    Then Phaedea is quick to say Kenya stole her idea she’s a copycat, but in the fitness business there are several friends that have came out with dvd’s and move on with life…Wow Phaedra get yo life honeyyy plenty of room to make money…and looking at both bodies if Kenya booty is fake the rest of her body isn’t and I would rather end up with results that produce a body like Kenya’s and not Phaedra…At the end of the day we all xan say that we only wish that we could have a great body if and when we are blessed to make it to Kenya’s age !!! Good thing NeNe and Cynthia aren’t jealous !!! Clearly you see who is on the show, lol

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