Kanye Declines Kris Jenner’s Offer to Manage Him?

kanye west
Photo Credit: @kimkardashian Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian may be an item and currently expecting their first child together (it was recently confirmed that the couple is having a girl), but when it comes to Kanye’s career, he may not be set on taking the Kardashian path. Ever since Kim and Kanye got together and started dating last April, rumors have been flying around suggesting that Kim’s mother and manager Kris Jenner was trying to convince him to let her manage his career. Some reports even suggested that Kanye was seriously considering letting Kris take over, and he even made a few appearances on the family’s reality show making many speculate that Kris might have finally managed to convince Kanye to make the management change.

However, a new report from Radar Online is suggesting that the rapper has declined Jenner’s offer to manage his music career. The website says a source told them that Kris has already asked Kanye to consider using her services, but Kanye has respectfully declined the offer. Kris was reportedly hoping that Kanye could be the major client she needed who could finally open big doors for her as a manager. But according to the source, Kanye isn’t sold on Kris having control over his career like she does the careers of her children.

The source tells Radar Online:

“Kanye won’t be pressured into anything about his career by Kris. He knows how to say no, and won’t be pushed into anything. Look at the announcement of Kim’s pregnancy, Kanye did that all on his own.”


    1. I agree. I think she’ll get him eventually just like she did Lamar. That was the whole point of her girls getting famous men.

  1. He’s not trying to give up his control. Kris is real bossy and he’s not trying to have someone else queen him around.

  2. Not a Kanye fan at all…..Buts that’s a very smart move…..DON’T LET THAT WOMEN CONTROL YOUR LIFE……it’s funny that she wouldn’t manage her step-son…..but wants to manage this BIG STAR…perhaps future son-in-law……LOL

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