Joe Budden Says Tahiry Refusing Proposal Hurt Him & Caused Tension

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Joe Budden and Tahiry’s relationship completely over? Joe Budden and Tahiry‘s relationship ended a few years ago yet it is being revisited on the TV screen as Joe Budden and his ex-girlfriend Tahiry both were added to the cast of this season of Love & Hip Hop. And from jump, the former couple was involved in some drama with Joe’s friend Raqi Thunda, who Tahiry got into it with on the first episode of the show and is a woman who Tahiry suspected had a thing for Joe, far beyond an innocent friendship. One would have thought Joe Budden and Tahiry‘s relationship wasn’t officially over after seeing how things have gone down on the show, on top of Tahiry calling Joe out for trying to get back at her through text messages that she posted for all to see. Despite the thoughts about Joe and Tahiry’s relationship, he has a new woman on his arm, Kaylin, who claimed to be cool with Joe and Tahiry still having a friendship with each other. Kaylin had a change of heart though as she and Tahiry got into it on a previous episode of the show over the potential of Joe getting on a track with Tahiry. And Kaylin later admitted after their altercation that she was too understanding when it came to Joe’s relationship with Tahiry.

Despite the fact that he is now with Kaylin, Joe told MTV News. with Tahiry right by his side, that he still cares a lot about Tahiry and that he thinks that fixing the issues that they have with each other will do them some good as far as their relationship goes:

“I think I’m very forthcoming with Tahiry. I think I’m totally honest in my intentions and my feelings. I have absolutely no ill will, no malicious intent. She’s somebody I care about deeply. I’m well documented in that. She’s somebody that I love. I’m well documented in that. If we can just work the kinks out of the relationship, I think it’ll do us both some justice.”

Joe also revealed that he once proposed to Tahiry while they were dating each other and that she shut him down, something that he says really hurt him:

“I’ll give you this exclusive. I proposed to Tahiry. We were laying in bed, I forgot what year it was. And I told her ‘Let’s wake up and go get married’. The next day, she flaked on me and I was probably so hurt from that day forward…”

Tahiry chimed in, saying that she didn’t take Joe’s proposal seriously. And her comments were followed by Joe saying:

“So I guess I have some issues I have to work on within internally before I could even explore that as an option. “

Sounds like there really is some unfinished business with Joe Budden and Tahiry’s relationship.

Peep the clip below:



  1. Kaylin needs to move on. Why in the hell is he doing an interview with Tahiry by his side? That’s doing too much for some exes.

  2. Joe and Kaylin’s PDA on social networks has been less and less over the past few weeks. Being that they’re affiliated with the show now, there’s no telling if that’s staged or natural, but I definitely hate to see it happening. Reality tv proves more and more that it does more harm than good for people’s lives when the cameras aren’t rolling. I say all that to say, as much as I felt Joe and Tahiry’s interactions on the show were scripted? I’m thinking there’s definitely rhyme and reason to support their reconnection on a romantic level at some point. It’s quite sad. But *shrug*

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