Post K. Michelle, J.R. Smith Gives Advice on How to Date an Athlete

Photo Credit: @teamswish Instagram
Photo Credit: @teamswish Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

J.R. Smith and K. Michelle ended on a rather sour note. After meeting in a New York club and hitting it off, things got ugly quick when K. Michelle caught him flirting with other women on his Twitter account. Things got worse quickly when K. Michelle’s girl friend tried to slam the athlete on Twitter for flirting, and eventually the romance ended just as quickly as it began. At some point, they tried to give the romance a second chance after K. Michelle begged him to take her back in a few of her interviews, but the happy times didn’t last long and he eventually embarrassed her again on Twitter.

Although things are clearly over between them, K. Michelle confirmed that she’s decided to use the situation for material on her upcoming studio album that is speculated to be dropping this summer.

J.R. Smith still claims things weren’t all that serious between him and K. Michelle, and he thinks she’s using the situation to keep herself relevant.

Regardless, he took to his Instagram account the other day and decided to post some advice on how to successfully date an athlete.  Now this didn’t sit well with most of his female fans because the advice sounds a bit on the selfish side.

Check out the guidelines the athlete posted for women interested in dating a “baller”:

j r smith dating advice


Interestingly enough, J.R. Smith is still picking up women on Twitter. He had a bit of a scandal on his hands the other day when it was discovered that one of the girls he was trying to hit on was just a senior in high school. However, the basketball player claims she lied about her age.


  1. You can tell he actually wrote this list himself thanks to all of those pathetic spelling and grammatical mistakes…

  2. What a selfish list. Nowhere on there did he eve mention what he would do for her. And this is why women should not date athletes. They are some of the most ignorant and self-entitled brats I have ever seen.

  3. K. Michelle should get on her knees and thank God that this relationship didn’t work out. This right here is not a man, but a BOY who clearly has no idea that a real relationship includes TWO people who GIVE.

  4. Dear J.R. Smith;

    Sometimes it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

    Thank you.

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