Rick Ross Hires 24 Hour Police Security in New York

Photo Credit: @richforever Instagram
Photo Credit: @richforever Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rick Ross may be the boss of Maybach Music, but he still hasn’t managed to get things under control with the bosses of the streets. The rapper has been flooded with threats via videos from members of the Gangster Disciples gang, and apparently things got out of hand because he used the gang’s symbol on album covers and referenced its founder in his lyrics. Ross cancelled several upcoming concerts due to threats reportedly, however he later denied that the cancellations were a result of the threats. To make matters seemingly worse, the rapper also suggested that he wasn’t taking the threats seriously in one of his recent interviews. Not too long after the admission, Rick Ross was the target of a drive by shooting in Florida.

Luckily for Ross, he wasn’t hurt, however, he’s told MTV News that he’s had to make some adjustments to make sure he would be safer these days. It was recently reported that Rick Ross hired 24 hour security as a result of the shooting, but interestingly enough, he claimed in a recent rap verse that he’s not shook and he had his gun ready when the shooting occurred (despite speeding off and crashing into a nearby building).

Despite how tough Rick Ross sounded in that verse, TMZ is reporting that he’s hired cops to provide 24 hour security during his stay at the London Hotel in New York. The cops on duty reportedly told TMZ that Ross is still very concerned about his safety and is no longer willing to take any chances.

We do wish he would reflect that concern in his rap verses though considering that it’s pretty apparent that the people in the street aren’t playing.


  1. He’s going to keep trying people and get himself hurt one day. He needs to stop rapping like a tough guy. Nowadays you don’t have to be a thug to sell records. Drake and Kendrick Lamar are doing it easily.

  2. He brought all of this on himself. When you rap about that thug life, you can’t be mad when thugs start coming for you.

    1. Truth. I don’t wish him harm or death, but he should tone it down now. Yet he’s still rapping about having guns cocked. Idiot.

  3. This is what happens when you try to convince people you are from that gangsta life. lmao You get scared sh*t-less when things get real. He is just looking for street cred. He is such a joke, but the joke ain’t funny

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