Joe Budden Asks Tahiry for a ‘Minaj’ with Kaylin

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Joe Budden and Tahiry’s relationship ended on a rather nasty note, but it’s clear thanks to the current season of Love and Hip Hop that they haven’t managed to move past the breakup and be civil. Joe is in a relationship with Kaylin, yet most of season three of the VH1 reality series has pretty much been centered around Joe and Tahiry attempting to have some sort of friendship that just seems very awkward and reads like there are still some strong feelings there that should have Kaylin concerned. And perhaps Kaylin is concerned considering she took to her Twitter account the other day to suggest that she feels she may be a little too understanding and open-minded about things. And Tahiry hasn’t helped Kaylin’s insecurity, especially since she posted screenshots of some very interesting text messages she received from Joe Budden the other day.

Regardless, many fans of the show are confused themselves about where Joe’s heart really is considering Tahiry seems to be more involved in Joe’s drug rehabilitation more so than Kaylin is (at least according to the cameras). And in an upcoming scene for the next episode of Love and Hip Hop, it’s pretty clear that Joe likes pushing his boundaries with Tahiry.

In the next episode during a heated conversation consisting of Tahiry telling Joe that she “made him” and constantly reminding him of all of his bills she used to pay; Joe asked her if she would have a “minaj” with him and Kaylin as a way of making things right. Tahiry wasn’t pleased with Joe’s request of course, but we’re not sure if he was just using a bit of sarcasm or not just to push her buttons after she pushed his. Regardless, he walks out, but not before telling her that she needs to grow up.

Check out the sneak peek of episode 8 below:


  1. I’m still trying to understand why he’s so obsessed with Tahiry. He’s got a girl. His need to talk to Tahiry about everything is uncalled for. I damn sure am not calling up my exes every single day.

    1. NO man asking his ex that mushed his current GF for a minaj is in no position to tell someone else to grow up.

  2. Man, Kaylin is going to look back on all of this and kick herself for not getting the hell on. This is just too much.

  3. Ok this is where I have to say Joe does remind me of Stevie J. They both know how to calmly f-ck with people’s heads. I’m pretty sure this is why Tahiry gets so angry. No one likes to be messed with emotionally. And that’s what Joe does.

  4. I honestly liked Kaylin and Joe together before this show. Now Kaylin just looks weak and very dumb. So over Joe. And Tahiry is too damn grown to be acting like a 20 year old.

  5. I’m so tired of these two. The “arguments” have become repetitive. They are half the reason why the show sucks so bad right now. Erica Mena is the other half.

  6. As off as Joe is, he’s right about Tahiry. She is a very immature. She’s letting a 20 year old make her look like a bird in comparison.

  7. I like Tahiry…Joe crazy…kaylin too passive! Rich Dollaz always look like he bout to bust out crying, Erica lawd if I could slap her one good time she has too much mouth. Wynter, I really dont think she cares that she is a hoe! I like Mendeecee’s after these last 2 episodes, lil man aint backing down from nobody lol…Yandy cute with her knot kneed self!

  8. Yandy im proud of you. You ‘re gorgeous, you’re smart and you re independant. i love watching you and mendeecees . such a cute couple. Erica, sometimes you make me laugh when you start wilding out but other times it breaks my heart when i realize that you’ re not being understood by Rich.Olivia, you got a beautiful voice, i hope things will get better and better on ur music career. Gorgeous Lore’l keep up the good work. Winter hmmm, you must be suffering a lot and been through a lot so that could explain why you’re this way. Joe and Tahiry ? when i see thhem i think of kaylin and it makes me sad.

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