Kanye West Forbids Kim Kardashian from Clothes-less Pregnancy Shoot?

Photo Credit: @kimkardashian Instagram
Photo Credit: @kimkardashian Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a baby girl this July, but that hasn’t managed to slow down the rumor mill when it comes down to this famous couple. It’s no secret that Kanye can be a little on the controlling side when it comes to his girlfriends, as even one of his former girlfriends confirmed that recently in a pretty straight forward interview. Kanye also had no problems throwing out Kim’s clothes on an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” so we can’t say we were shocked when Kim claimed in a recent interview that he’s also been pretty vocal in urging her to be “more private” these days.

We’re pretty sure more private also goes for nixing any ideas of posing nude for the traditional all bare pregnancy shoot that so many starlets have done on numerous magazine covers over the years. According to recent reports, Kanye has basically told Kim that he is completely against her appearing nude while pregnant for any magazine cover.

A source tells the Daily Star Newspaper:

“It’s something Kim has wanted to do for years. She thinks it would be really classy – something she could keep as a souvenir forever.

“But Kanye believes some things should be kept private. And he has made it clear to Kim in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t want her posing nude and showing off her baby bump to the world.

“She knows it may be her last chance of being on the cover of some of those magazines, which normally turn their nose up at her.

“But Kanye wants her to become more respectful and less publicity-hungry. He has dreams of the kids going to the finest schools and universities.

“He’s come up from humble beginnings and he sees this as opportunity to build a dynasty.”


Interestingly enough, Kanye seemed to have no problem going bare and getting freaky on a recent magazine cover.


  1. Well Kim has no problem being bossed around, controlled, and pimped by her momma, so I guess this isn’t a big deal to her.

  2. How is posing pregnant in the nude worse than simulating sex on a magazine cover? I don’t get these two.

    1. I totally agreed…..they got more $hit with them…..He just started this privacy bull….cause that’s how Bey & Jay Z r…..monkey c …..monkey do….LOL

  3. Kanye is a trip. He wants so bad for Kim to be his little Armenian Beyonce. He just won’t accept that she can never be like Bey. He doesn’t want her to post nude while pregnant because Bey didn’t do it. That’s what it really comes down to.

  4. I think this is half true. Kanye doesn’t mind Kim posing nude and pregnant, he just doesn’t want her to because that’s not what Jayonce did. He wants this whole pregnancy to be just like Bey and Jay to the damn T. He even announced Kim’s pregnancy on stage like Bey announced hers. Sick bastard.

  5. So glad to see people are catching on to what Kanye is really trying to do here. He wants his own Beyonce and that’s what the whole goal is with this relationship. I expect him to copy Bey and Jay’s whole relationship to an exact science. I wouldn’t be surprised if they paid premium dollar to make sure that the baby would be a girl.

    1. Well they’ve already lost that race. Kim can still run to the dance floor waving her hand when “Single Ladies” blasts though the speakers. So….

  6. So over these two. They want attention so bad. I’m sure this story came out of Kim’s camp just like all the others. Too bad people are slowly but surely getting over “Kimye.”

  7. Well Kim isn’t A list so she couldn’t nab a high profile magazine cover to do that preggo shoot anyway…

  8. A little off topic but I found it strange that Kim didn’t promote that naked magazine cover she did with Kanye. I mean she promotes everything else she does. She was as quiet as a mouse when the media started passing that cover around. I guess it didn’t get the reaction they thought it would. LOL.

  9. If the pictures that are circulating of Kim are real, he probably doesn’t want her out here nude because she already looks like she’s one contraction away from going into labor. I don’t see her carrying this pregnancy well at all…… He’s just saving his boo from getting embarrassed.

    1. Ha! true she is looking a MESS but photoshop is always an option if she does a shoot! I say she she’s waiting to look more pregnant right now she just looks big and wide. IJS

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